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- Kelly Foster
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All tests - Color tests - Favorite color

The color you choose is what you could identify yourself with.


Click on your favorite color to see what psychologists can know from your color preference.





Black is one of the most beautiful colors and yet it is the absence of color. Black want everything done in detail. If a job needs finishing, these are the people to finish it. These personalities need leaders, though, to tell them what needs to be done. Under guidance, they are able to get to the crux of the matter and solve very large problems. When put in a position to find the mistakes of others, they are right at home.

They like puzzles, and finding others' mistakes brings out their tenacious spirits. Black will sometimes intentionally find mistakes just so that they can repair them.

Sometimes, when one wears black, they do not want to be touched. Putting a barrier between themselves and others is the purpose of this color.

Black is a relief color for most people, like "Mom's apple pie". It makes them feel comfortable and even, in some cases, smaller, allowing them to hide from the world.

Blue is an emotional color. Blue stay inside themselves and do not trust people very much. They watch every move others make. Pale shades of blue show someone who wants everything in order. Their closet is immaculate. As blue moves to the deeper end of color, it becomes more moody and shows it.

People who prefer this color frequently use their emotions to make decisions. They are also easily affected by the moods of those around them. They sometimes expect you to feel down whenever they are. Showing signs of co-dependency, they need you to be by their side experiencing their feelings.

Green is the color of healing. Green want to help every one. These people can usually be found in the medical profession or some occupation which helps people. Preferring to watch rather than to become involved in others business, they usually keep their thoughts secret. Others see them as good listeners because of this quality. This characteristic makes them wonderful counselors.

Greens make others feel at home in their house by putting them at ease immediately. They try to take care of others and they want harmony in every one's life. Greens make the best of friends because they are jovial, caring and can keep a secret.

In order for Greens to feel good about themselves, they have to be helping someone or something. Nurturers by choice, they are the ones who take care of other people, animals and plants.

Orange are nature lovers. Being sports minded, they love anything to do with the outdoors. Taking long walks in the woods revives them. Trees and animals mean a lot to them and they want to be a part of nature. Good professions for orange include farmers, ranchers, football players, and guides.

People always say good things about these down to earth people. Although they may sometimes invoke anger from others, it usually doesn't last very long. Who can remain mad at someone so helpful?

Tending to support the underdog, they will try to help someone who they feel needs assistance. Always aware of their surroundings, they tend to be more adventurous than most. Even though they are impulsive and thoughtful, they generally are very much aware of what they are doing.
Learning and remembering through experience is a strong suit of theirs. Orange believe they are meant to have all the good things in life.

Purple is the color of spirituality. Purple are always striving to be better than they consider themselves to be, both on a spiritual, emotional and mental plane.

Needing more knowledge, they become avid readers. Trying to become what they think they should be, they search their own lives and the lives of others to find the answers. The study of religions makes them feel as if they are accomplishing something bigger than themselves in life. A good theological discussion is right up their alley.

Wanting to help as many people as they can, they are more than willing to give you the benefit of their education. Trying to achieve perfection, they seem to struggle with themselves more than most because they tend to be so critical of themselves.

Red is the color for passion, energy, and money making. Red with orange overtones are dynamic and love the outdoors and anything to do with people. Red with blue overtones can be energetic people with high emotions.

Reds in their true red mode are sexy and seductive. Men prefer to watch a women wearing red, even though she may not be the most beautiful woman in the room.

It is also the color for someone who wants to have power and be in control. Business people who want to win wear this powerful color to meetings in which they want to stand out. Red makes one feel more energetic or activated. Stop signs are red. Red gets your attention. This energetic personality craves attention and what's more they get it. Being quick with their emotions, they may erupt into a temperamental volcano right in front of you then simmer down just as quickly.

Yellow are business minded and want others to know they are well educated. They strive to attain success through anything that requires mental abilities.

Making good leaders, they generally make up their mind in a methodical way. Every detail needs to be analyzed before they make a move. Any strategic game peaks their interest. Chess is the game for them.

Yellow may be a little stubborn. When the color moves toward a mustard shade yellow feel that they are the only ones making the right decisions. This tends to make others a little suspicious of their motives.

The true yellow makes wise decisions after considering all points of view. Women would rather be in business, than mothers, but can do both and be quite adept at doing so. When these people are under stress, they feel that they need to hide their emotions. If they show stress, it is a sign of weakness and vulnerability. They try not to let you see them sweat.

Keeping to themselves without inviting many others into their lives, they generally only have one or two good friends. These friends are usually people who are also business minded, although the true yellow depends on no one but themselves. Adoring tailored clothing, they usually dress quite professionally. Although the women may add larger accessories, they dress with a simple flair.

White is the color of purity. The color of new snow or light from above. What we fail to see is that snow and light have impurities in them but seem to be the purest of all sights.

Shyness comes with this color but it is not a true shyness. Waiting patiently for others to notice them before they make their thoughts known, they tend to appear shy but in truth, they are very outspoken.

Virginal attitudes abound with these people. They feel pure no matter what they do. The virtue of purity is attributed to them by others as well, whether they deserve this characteristic or not. White feel they are right in their belief structures although they are not sure they want to discuss those beliefs with others. The fact that they know they are right is enough for them.

Pink  want to draw the little smiley faces on everything. Pink are usually either in a blissful state or looking for one. Pink try to see the best in others. If they don't find something good in a person, then there has to be a very good explanation in the pink's mind as to why not.

Pink quietly study the best way to approach problems and then take action. Pink see the world through rose colored glasses. The truth of the matter is that it might be nice if we could all put those glasses on now and then. They are shy, very intelligent, hard working people who wish they were more part of the mainstream but are frightened of moving too quickly. Pink watch what they do or say because they are afraid that others may see them in a harsh light. They try to make everyone happy.



July 06, 2014 - 13:14

I got green.
Very creepy how accurate it was!
It even said one of my dream jobs!

June 28, 2014 - 17:21

My fave colours (red and purple ) scarily accurate

June 16, 2014 - 07:26

pink so true because I hate drama and conflict so I try to solve problems and help people out and make sure "Everyone's" ok.

April 28, 2014 - 18:23

Black and orange are the colors right for me. Black because I like to hide from the world usually, and orange because I'm energetic.

April 13, 2014 - 16:36

I got purple and it fits me perfectly! My best friend Mackenzie got red and that fits her perfectly too! Surprisingly these things really work.

April 01, 2014 - 17:25

I chose green, and it got me perfectly! the career listed (counselor) is one of my future job choices!

March 29, 2014 - 20:46

My favorite color is purple and some things were true like that i am a perfectionist and critical of myself but i did not resonate with the rest.

February 20, 2014 - 19:08

Blue is my favorite colour and what it says is so true!!

January 25, 2014 - 15:05

Pink,purple,blue,and white!

January 09, 2014 - 16:21

My favorite color is teal, and the green and blue were totally right! :) I can be really moody and I'm an admitted people pleaser. There's just something so good about helping others!

December 27, 2013 - 17:53

red. and it's true, I do erupt and simmer down very quickly. Wearing red makes me feel sexy and powerful and it is just such a pretty color.

December 23, 2013 - 02:11

My favorite color is purple. Like a cool settled purple like lavender. And it has me spot on with the creativity and artistry.
And maybe the music thing

Reply to Sarah
January 26, 2014 - 20:07

I LOVE purple as well. Lavender kind of just sets off the mood :-)

December 06, 2013 - 04:24

green very true ;)

December 02, 2013 - 18:08

I picked green and orange. Green was totally right because I love helping others. Orange was also right because I love to be outdoors and play softball year round.

November 30, 2013 - 10:44

Black and purple. Most likely we like these colors because of our past.

November 17, 2013 - 11:04

White is my favourite colour. And the attributes of people who love white are quite true about me.

October 22, 2013 - 19:31

Blue my favorite color, Eyes are blue, in the sky, ocean, sea & blueberries

September 17, 2013 - 14:03

i'm green and it seemed pretty spot-on

September 12, 2013 - 18:42

Am I the only one who saw everything White? Well, I really don't know myself, so I guess White describes me, and I love what it describes :).

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