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All tests - Inner traits - Handwriting analysis

Discover what your handwriting says about you.

  • On blank (unlined) paper please write the paragraph below as you normally would.
  • Use at least two lines.
  • Keep the paper in front of you so that you can answer the question


'Well!' thought Alice to herself, 'after such a fall as this, I shall think nothing of tumbling down stairs! How brave they'll all think me at home! Why, I wouldn't say anything about it, even if I fell off the top of the house!' (Which was very likely true.)

Alice's adventures in wonderland
Lewis Carroll


1. What is the size of your handwriting?

  • Large, greater than 7mm
  • Middle size 4-6mm
  • Small 2-3mm
  • Extremely small, less than 2mm

2. How would you say your letters slope?

  • Left
  • Heavily towards the left
  • Straight up and down
  • Right
  • Heavily towards the right
  • Letters touching the line
Check your answers with the analysis below.


1. Handwriting size

Large sized - You relate very well with different people and have many friends. Open, demonstrative and communicative. You like to generate many ideas however you are not characterized as being practical. You often display an unwillingness to obey and you don't perform well under pressure. Other characteristics include honesty and vitality. If you have large and identical letters you are consistent in achieving your goals.

If you have large handwriting combined with an original way of writing some letters, you are an innovative thinker. In addition you are not attentive to details. If your capital letters have fine detail, this demonstrates an ability to command. In addition you are a likeable person and other people are attracted to you.


Medium sized - Characteristics include being accurate, logical, and composed.


Small - You like to concentrate your attention and focus on things, you are delicate and like exactness in details. You are observant; while sitting at a cafe you tend to notice everything going on. You always have a plan, and seem to know what you want ahead of time. You don't usually give something away without seeking something in return. You have a good sense of humor, sharp intellect and like to associate with intellectual people. You can be egotistic, unsociable and also secretive, unwilling to show your feelings.

Small and calligraphic handwriting - This type of handwriting is characterised by its accuracy and attention to detail. You are usually punctual, but also unforgiving and jealous. You are usually very demanding of the people around you, especially family members, and rebuke people often. You always appear to be displeased with one thing or another.Your vindictiveness sometimes takes unpredicable forms and people don't know what to expect from you. You can show good qualities as long as you are expecting something in return.


Extremely small - You are overly concerned with formal rules and believe that all rules should be followed to the letter. You like to overemphasize minor and insignificant details. Your pedantic nature may lead you to place dull, precise regulations over people.


Note: Letter upsizing until the end of the word testifies to trustfulness. Vice-versa, letter downsizing indicates caution, prudence and deceit.


2. Slope

How your handwriting slopes or slants is an indicator of emotional state. The higher the emotions are running, the more pronounced the slant.


Slanting to the left - You are reseved, reluctant, or restrained. You do not have an artistic nature.

Slanting heavily towards the left - You tend to suppress your emotions in such a way that it causes bouts of melancholy and periods of bad mood. Your self-concept is high and you seek to be the centre of attention.

Straight up and down - You control yourself whenever your emotions get out of hand and you keep your emotions in balance. Your manners are reserved and you show leadership qualities. You weigh things wisely and you know what you want. You don't have spontaneous reactions or make casual decisions. You usually won't say what you are feeling even if there is a storm inside. In relationships you are inclined to be reserved and won't express your emotions freely. Your feelings are evident through daily signs of affection.

Slanting to the right - You have an artistic nature and are able to understand and interpret your emotions and those of other people. You also to tend to hold your emotions back, or keep them inside. You are friendly, and warm, and like to engage in conversation

Slanting heavily towards the right - You have difficulty controlling your emotions and like to show other people how you feel. You take offence often and have been known to hold grudges. Your actions are often characterized by extremes, and depending on the circumstances you may be extravagant or act with eccentricity. In relationships you are either head over heels in love or you may end up hating your partner.

Letters touching the line - Letters slanting so much that they touch the line point to possible psychological issues.


How do you view the quiz and how did the results make you feel? Share your opinion by participating in the discussion below.
10-11-2016 21:01
Slanting to the right was on point. Slightly afraid of what that says about me. I thought I may need to get some personality adjustments.
30-10-2015 21:47
Wow, this was strangly accurate. Thanks for making this!
26-10-2015 22:04
Awesome! It described me perfectly!!
19-09-2015 22:24
I'd say it painted a pretty accurate description based on only two factors. The thing is, what baffles me is that different handwriting analysis say different things about the same way of handwriting. For instance:a slant to the right in other sites means 'Openness to the World and new things', or 'Optimism'. Here these meanings are not mentioned - which is NOT a bad thing, but maybe, if it's supposed to be even a 'pseudoscience', some general rules should apply. Again, I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but my point is - a person can just look trough several sites, find the meaning he/she likes most and then use graphology just to 'confirm' their imaginary character. But that is, of course, on them.
For this version in particular I'd suggest that more factors are included for such a long text, like the ways the letters are written, for example, that would be fun.
Anyway, take care!
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