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All tests - Relational psychology - The cube

You are in a desert and you see a cube.


It is preferable for you to draw a picture and write your answers.

Try to concentrate on how you feel about what you are describing and not just on how it looks. For example, you may describe the cube a certain color because it gives you a feeling of calmness. However, another person may describe the cube a different color that also gives her a sense of calmness. Though both people picture the cube differently, the interpretations of their answers are the same - the cube represents calmness to them.


1. The cube

How big is the cube?
What is its color? What do you think about that color?
How far away is it from you?
Is it transparent? Can you see what is inside?
How big is the cube compared to the desert? What is the ratio?

2. There is a ladder.

Is the ladder leaning on the cube?
What is the color of the ladder? What is it made of?
What impression does it give you?
What is the distance between the cube and the ladder?


3. There is a horse.

What is the distance between the cube and the horse?
What is the color of the horse?
What impression does it give you?
Is it tied? Is there a saddle?

4. There is a storm.

What is the distance between the storm and the cube.
Is it a big storm or a small storm?
Is it passing by or staying?

5. There is a flower/ there are flowers.

How many flowers are there?
Where is/are the flower/s?
What is the color of the flower/s?
How do you feel about the flower/s?






Cube : The cube represents yourself. How you think about the cube reflects how you think about yourself. For example, you may think the cube is made of yellow stones. Yellow may give you a feeling of warmth and stone may give you a feeling of strength. Then, it means that you believe that you are a strong and warm person. The distance between you and the cube reflects your understanding about yourself. If the cube is far away, then it means that you do not feel close to your inner self. If the cube is transparent, that means you let people see through you. People can read your mind easily. The ratio of the cube to the desert is how you think about yourself in this world. The bigger the ratio, the bigger your ego is. A small ratio means that you recognize that you are just one part of this world and there are many other things out there beside you.

Ladder : The ladder represents your friends. If the ladder is leaning against the cube, then it means that your friends depend on you. If the ladder is supporting the cube, that means you depend on your friends. The distance between the ladder and the cube indicates if you feel close to your friends or not. Again, how you feel about the ladder reflects how you feel about your friends (e.g.. what you feel about the color of the ladder and the material it is made of).

Horse :
The horse is your partner/lover/significant other. If the horse is close to the cube, you are close with each other. If the horse is tied or has a saddle, then in your relationship, you want to be the one in control. Your overall impression of the horse reflects the impression you have of your partner.

Storm : The storm is the obstacle in your life. If the storm is close to the cube/ stationary, then you are always experiencing hardship in your life. If the storm is small, then it means the obstacle in your life is quite small.

Flower/s : The flower represents your offspring/ If the flower is close to the cube, that means you are close to your children. Again, what you feel about the flower indicates the feelings you have towards your children.

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion below.
13-09-2016 03:58
I actually kept picturing a life-size Rubiks cube that the horse was sitting on while the ladder was lying in the sand several feet away. I saw approximately (because I counted) 876 white flowers with baby's breath. I think the flowers were lilies but I can't be sure that they weren't peonies. The storm was terrifying, almost like envisioning the tornado from the Wizard of Oz. I was fearful that it swoop up the poor horse that was sitting innocently on the cube. Needless to say, it passed very quickly, but then I saw it heading back in my direction. This test was very curious and I am feeling quite unsettled at the moment. Wow. I never imagined that a simple online quiz could eff up my life like dust in the wind.
25-08-2016 23:38
Cube: the cube is small, just small enough to carry with both hands, and appears lightweight. It is a light blue, the sun reflecting off of it so the side is a real color. It's translucent, so you can just barely see through it, and there is nothing on the inside, which is also blue. It is very small compared to the desert, 1 desert:1 billion cubes.
Ladder: the ladder is free-standing, silver and red, and it gives me the impression that it is used in construction sites. The ladder is off to the left, not very far away.
Horse: the horse is to the right of the cube, with a saddle on but not tied down, and it's a brown, with a white patch between its eyes. It gives me the impression that is sweet, maybe old, and harmless. It is abot 5 feet from the cube.
Storm: the storm is behind the cube, but it's large and approaching quickly. It is very far in the distance.
Flower: It appears to be a rose bush, with May flowers but also thorns. The flowers are pink, and are in front of the cube. I feel that they are beautiful but not to be touched.

I am single and have no children.
12-07-2016 10:30
My reaction to my kids was apparently, "What are they doing here!?"
26-06-2016 20:55
Cube: Small can fit my hand, mirror like.
Ladder: Old, brown, wooden
Horse: Brown, not far but not close, free
Storm: Bad, dark clouds, far but I can feel the wind.
Flower: A single yellow flower growing out of the ladder.

It's weird.
12-06-2016 01:33
Small light grey cube hovering slightly, 3-4 meters away not at all transparent. Awkwardly just there.

Standard metal free standing later a foot away from the left side of the cube get a wtf is it here impression just like with the cube, the is no one else out there why would a later be there.

There is a brown brown horse, average sized, no saddle or rope that walks over and awkwardly stands close by the other side of the latter facing me. I get a lonely impression for the horse because the horse is one in a cloudy dessert, dim desert.

The storm starts, but it's far away, I. The background it becomes humid tho.

No flowers unless I really try, then they are red
07-06-2016 16:43
My daughter gave us this test and it was spot on!! My husband envisioned a 6 ft by 6 ft wooden cube that was like a child's block, with each of the other items as a picture on each side. We think he was influenced by having played blocks with our granddaughter just minutes before. His images were lovely and warm, but clearly compartmentalized and organized. He's an airline pilot. His entire life is organized this way and he does not get distracted, EVER, when he's focusing on something. I really liked his horse; a carousel beauty, but without the bridle or pole keeping her restrained! His flowers= desert blooming cactus!!
05-06-2016 08:27
Desert: very dry, very expansive. No flora or fauna.

Cube: about 2 feet tall, 15 ish feet away from me. It's black, kinda shiny but not that shiny. I do, in fact, see myself as just a part of this very large world and work aggressively to cultivate humility in myself.

Ladder: light-colored wood. Lying on the ground about 4-5 feet away from the cube. I don't have all that many friends, and I certainly don't like to have any sort of codependency going on. I don't really know what the color means LOL but I suppose it means I think the best of people?

Horse: dark brown. It's a strong, able-bodied horse. It seems to be at ease, but is alert nonetheless. It's pawing at the ground, kinda chillin'. It has a bridle but no saddle. It's standing beside the ladder and opposite the cube. My significant other is, in fact, brown, strong, and easygoing. Not sure why it has a bridle but no saddle. We haven't been together for very long and he has trouble opening up to people, so it makes sense that the horse is kind of set away from the cube.

The storm: The storm is just basically bad weather on the horizon. The weather is nice and sunny and pleasant right now, but it looks like I can expect rain and wind in a couple of hours. Oddly, I feel like I'm in the midst of a storm right now. Maybe I'm subconsciously expecting a new storm or for this one to get worse.

Flowers: ah! Let's make flowers all around! I don't like this arid desert, now I have the opportunity to make it nice and pretty and full of life. Lots of flowers, pink and yellow and red and orange, as far as the eye can see. I don't have any children LOL but maybe it means I can see myself having them in the future, and not tentatively, but with all my heart and soul and without holding back any part of me. Perhaps I think that my life will be more vibrant when I have children. Interesting test.
02-06-2016 15:36
My cube was very large yellow metal in color and not transparent. I am running my hands up and down and feeling it's cool smooth surface rest my cheek against it.
My ladder was leaning up against the cube as if I want to climb to the top and look around it's silver and made of metal.
My horse is right next to the ladder and cube with a saddle and bridle on with the reins, Dangling down and he has the choice to stay or leave but we're a team and we ride together. Our relationship is mutual.
The storm is way off in the distance and is nonthreatening may be it'll even passed by.
My flowers grow everywhere in a sea of red and are all around touching the cube.
02-06-2016 09:54
Cube: Larger than the eye can see, blending in with the desert. It rises before me, about 1 metre away. It is non transparent and makes up about 1/1000 of the desert.

Ladder: The ladder leans beside the cube, it is painted a faded red and is made of wood. I want to climb it.

Horse. Three metres from the cube. Black and magnificent, yet tired and dehydrated. It is not tied or saddled- it is free.

Storm: The storm rises 20 metres above. It is a big storm, that seems to be inching closer with monintention of passing by.

Flowers: A single flower, sticking out from a keyhole in a door on the side of the cube- by thebred ladder. It is red and makes me happy.

Analysis: correct in some aspects, seemingly flawed in others...
02-06-2016 00:29
CUBE: Mine was a cube of ice laying in the desert sand -- small, solid, clear/semi-transparent, slightly melted.
LADDER: There was a rope ladder hanging from the sky nearby. It rose so high into that it disappeared from sight so I have no idea what it was hanging from (didn't consider).
HORSE: The horse was a small shaggy Shetland pony. Bay coloured. Standing still. No halters, ropes or saddles. Just a wild scruffy little guy.
STORM: The storm was in the distance, but approaching quickly. A huge sandstorm which reached high into the sky and darkened the whole horizon.
FLOWERS: I pictured 2 dandelion flowers. They were hanging out of the side of the pony's mouth. He was eating them. He was oblivious to the approaching storm.
DISTANCES: All of the items (excepting the storm in the distance) were pretty close to one another (within 1 or 2 metres).

A little concerned...
Until a few minutes ago, I thought I was pretty stable! Now I'm afraid I might be a complete nut bag!!!
01-06-2016 16:28
I thought this was extremely accurate. Even down to the flowers. I drew three pink flowers, all separate across the desert, but all very "pretty". I have 3 children that are all separate, but beautiful people. If the love interest is correct, then my current (just budding) relationship has me pondering. My horse was "lost" in the desert. Not tired, and no saddle. Just lost.
Eh, wish I knew about the storm, I would have placed it far away!! :)
31-05-2016 12:56
The size of a rubix cube maybe even a bit smaller made out of wood like a building block, maybe 10 feet away from me
Very tall made out of metal about a foot away from the cube. it's not leaning on anything and it goes up forever
It is a brown horse without a saddle or anything. it looks magical
The whole desert has turned into a field of wildflowesrs. there would be no way to count them. Hundreds, maybe thousands
The storm is approaching in the distance and it's very bad. A tsunami
31-05-2016 03:52
Cube--Small (about the size of a rubix cube), could fit in my hand. Steel--not see through at all. Sitting on the ground.

Ladder--Wooden ladder, laying on the ground about a foot beside the cube.

Horse--Brown, wearing nothing. Standing on the other side of the cube, facing me.

Storm--Large thunder heads in the distance coming towards me. You can see the lightning flashing in the clouds. I'm not scared though.

Flowers--I actually didn't really see any flowers. Well, I did, but it was one of my real marigolds in my garden at my house. It wasn't in the desert at all.
30-05-2016 21:18
Cube: cube is very small, transparent, made of glass. Pretty far away but can be seen clearly. Nothing inside it. Ratio between cube and desert is small with the cube resting in the middle and a lot of sand on each side.

Ladder: Ladder isn't leaning on the cube, just 1 or two feet to the right, standing up on its own. The size of the ladder is two or three feet taller than the cube. It's silver and made of steel. My impressions of the ladder were odd and random but it's also mysterious.

Horse: The horse is running towards me in the opposite direction of the cube and the ladder. It's brown and has no saddle or isn't tied at all. Impressions of the horse are calming.

Storm: The storm is coming up behind the cube and the ladder, very grey and very big. Not sure if it's staying or passing by. It's on its way.

Flowers: Thousands of flowers! They are to the right of the horse and to the left of the cube and ladder. Untouched. Pink and purple, but impressions of the flowers makes me feel eerie.
30-05-2016 19:10
My cube is small. Not tiny, it would be as big as a watermelon. It is a matte black, very clean, and is not transparent.

My ladder is made of wood, brown and is leaning against the cube.

My horse is white and has a saddle. It is next to the ladder as if it is waiting for someone to come down from the ladder.

The storm is huge. It is in the distance, but not far at all. It's overwhelming and very dark.

I have no flowers. I see no flowers.

14-05-2016 06:30
Cube: small (holding in my hands), a beautiful, tranquil, intricately made, blue cube. Translucent
Ladder: wooden, hand-crafted, a work of art. Nearly 60 feet away, leaning against a large rocky formation, recently used by a painter.
Horse: brown, spotted, unique, timid, gentle, less than arm's length (I'm petting it)
Storm: off in the distance, calming sort of storm, light and enjoyable.
Flower: an abundance of
Brightly colored flowers. Again, beautiful in their creation.

While I do believe that answers may sometimes reflect practical thoughts and less personality identifiers, this test is spot on! I've taken it before (a long, long time ago). All I remember is that my answers seemed much different in my adopesence. This current test is fitting to myself and my nature. The cubes size does match my newfound understanding of self and my significance relative to the universe. The ladder perfectly signifies my friendships. Lately, I have been distant with those around me. While i value the talents, being of the ladder/friends, I'm watching their lives from afare when I reflect on myself. As for the horse, I'm a gentle lover. I see my partner as someone significant in their own talents, experience, and beauty. I I like closeness and sharing feelings. I'm proud of my reaction to the storm. Having had a difficult childhood and overcoming recent sexual assult; I'm glad that I can now see my obstacles as minor, almost "self-growing" lessons in life. Finally, the flowers. While I do not have children personally, I love them. I love life in both the simplest and broadest of terms. Children are so full of love, curiosity, and joy! I absolutely adore the positive energy they bring to the world. Spot on!
26-04-2016 08:23
30cm solid marble smooth whitish cube
Ladder long wooden next to the cube on the right lying down
Horse bay thoroughbred. Standing calmly next to me waiting no saddle halter
10000's of pink and white desert paper flowers along the base of a sanddune to the right of the cube
Thunder Storm in the distance,moving across the horizon.

23-04-2016 17:13
2x2x2 white cube that I was sitting on. Ladder was on a a rail against a wall. i got up to put the flowers on my cube Clydesdale horse
10-02-2016 08:36
My cube is the size of a small bedroom, it is crystal clear.

The ladder is on the inside of the cube leaning against on of the walls, it goes over to top of the wall

My horse is brown, but I wish it was white, and has a saddle. He is standing a couple yards away from the cube but looking at me

The storm is off in the distance, coming closer. I don't fear it. I know it's coming and it'll pass. The horse knows it's coming too but isn't scared. It's like we've got each other so we're OK

Surrounding the outside perimeter of the cube is a garden of flowers. Just a bed of blooming flowers. Light pinks and purples.
19-01-2016 08:24
Cube - Opaque, metallic, and embedded firmly in the ground. I am standing inside of it.

Ladder - plain, resting on the ground inside the cube.

No horse (or if there is, I can't see it because i am inside the cube)

Same deal with the flowers

The storm rumbles, and shatters the cube.

To me at least it seems like my life is absolute s***.
27-12-2015 09:03
It's a small cube made of gold. The fact that it's gold means it's valuable and one of the best. It's not far from me, it's sitting at my feet. I can't see what's inside it and compared to the desert, it's very, very, small.

The latter is leaning on the cube, it's made of wood (like a regular latter) and the latter is very heavy.

The horse is sniffing the cube, it's red, dangerous but free.

The storm is large but passing. The flower is pink and in my palm. It is a beautiful flower.
17-09-2015 18:25
Cube: it was very small, small enough to fit into my hands. it was white and calmed me. i could not see through it, there could probably fit 5 million little cubes in the desert.

ladder: the ladder is far away from the cube, it is made of steel, its silver and it stands alone.

horse: the horse is next to me, it is a beautiful white horse. its not tied and its free and wild.

storm: the storm is big but not very close and it looks like its here to stay.

flower: there is only one. a beautiful, perfect white rose next to the cube. its peaceful, hopeful.
04-09-2015 16:28
the desert: Seemed never ending
the cube: Small, smaller than a rubix cube, solid and grey. i was holding it in my hand.
the ladder: About two meters away defying physics and float upright
the horse: Brown and next to the ladder
the storm: i was in a sandstorm and it was pushing me backwords away from the horse and ladder, with things being thrown at me, it too seemed never ending
flower: just one small white and beautiful

what could my one mean? i found this really interesting xD
02-09-2015 12:24
My cube is the size of a small house. It is made of glass and I can see through it.

I do happen to wear my heart on my sleeve all the time, it does make sense that the glass would represent the sense of security I feel in my life.

I'm standing about a foot away from my cube, it is very small in comparison to the desert around me.

This is true as well in relation to how close I am with my inner self and how small of an element I know that I am in this world.

The ladder is not leaning on the cube it is made of wood and painted white and looks kind of beat up and reminds me one my parents used. It is laying on the ground approximately 5 feet away from the cube.

This is an interesting part. If the ladder represents my friends, then my friends are close but they do not depend on me or vise versa. The white ladder made of wood means that my friendships are old and been through some rough times but since the ladder is located 5 feet away from my cube implies we remain close even through the hardships we have experienced together.

The horse is approximately 10 feet from the cube, is brown and seems to be content with his life and is not tied down nor is he saddled.
My significant other and I are not as close as my friends and I are. I definitely do let him have more control of things. And he seems content with our life together.

The storm is approaching and is about 2 miles away, it is a mild to moderate rain storm that will pass.
Most of my problems in life are usually short lived so this makes sense.

In front of the cube is a small garden of yellow and pink flowers and is located very close to the cube. I can smell their sweet sent. Gladiolus are my favorite.
I am very close to my daughter...she may not smell as sweet as the flowers in my vision but she is my favorite person in the world.
29-08-2015 21:07
Er.. I was thinking about what was best to survive in a desert the whole time..... Lol
18-08-2015 08:53
14. Female.

Cube: The cube is about the size of a rubix cube. Opaque, reflective like a mirror. I feel tranquil looking at it. It's right in front of my feet, as if someone dropped it right there.

Ladder: It's old and falling apart. The white paint is chipping off, and it's made of birch. It's a few yards away, just laying in the sand. It makes me feel solemn.

Horse: It's off in the horizon, roaming free but still wearing a saddle. It's strong and glorious, black as night.

Flower: There's a single, dying flower. White. Small and shriveled, barely alive. I pity the flower.

Reflection: I agree with this. I feel insignificant in this world, and I copy with actions of those around me. I feel far from many old friends. I miss some of them. I don't wish to make any more. I am far from love. I want my lover to be strong-willed and independent, and have equal power in the relationship. I don't want children; I never have. I feel bad for children who don't have families (feeling pitiful towards the flower). Pretty spot on.
12-08-2015 23:45
Cube- very small and yellow (like a cute little box).
Ladder- purple and plastic? (not sure what that means) about 4 feet away from the cube laying down.
Horse- black and beautiful!! Right next to the cube no ties or saddle free as the wind.
Storm- very close and heavy just staying over the desert?.
Flowers- 3 beautiful orange flowers right next to the horse and the cube!!.
10-07-2015 22:46
that was interesting. i imagined the cube just a meter before me and i just felt it was shining since it was like a mirror reflecting light. lol.

Ladder - it was close by but not too close. It was an old damaged ladder made of hard wood. and my impression of it was that it was simply useless.

Horse - it was on the opposite side of the ladder and was on a same distance with the cube, i found it calm and friendly looking. it didnt have a saddle and looked wild

Storm - it suddenly appeared as a big storm above the cube and just staying on the same place. Like it existed for the cube or came out from the cube.

Flower - Blooming on some kind of nirvana very far far away from the stormy cube. I felt that it was unattainable and didnt exist. Its a desert so it must be an oasis.
08-07-2015 06:38
My cube is sitting just on the cusp of a sand dune, it's about 2 feet square. It's made of old brown barn wood, worn with age but still strong, if you don't hold it right then you'll get splinters. Sitting at my feet I see that it's got some knots and holes in the wood, but you can't see inside.

Immediately in front of the cube is the horse, close enough that I could use the cube to climb up onto it's back. It's white, and it's long grey mane is flowing in the wind. It's not a working horse, but an animal that can run for days. It looks at me and waits patiently for me.

Just behind the cube and horse is a ladder. It is an extension ladder, but it's not extended. It's made of aluminum and it's dusty but strong. It's lying in the sand, one end being slowly covered by the desert.

I hear thunder and the wind picks up. It's a cool wind that takes the heat of the day away and wraps you in it's cool loving arms. The sky is smooth, but the center of the storm is black as night. It passes close, but the powerful center skirts around where I'm standing. There is tremendous thunder, but no rain, and no lightning.

There are no flowers, but I'm okay with that. I like the bleakness of the desert. It's uniquely beautiful.
21-06-2015 00:46
The cube is about 20 feet on a side and right in front of me. It's upholstered in tan suede with a little bit of cushy "give" to it, but underneath that it is solid and unyielding and the corners are sharp. The desert around it is big, with mountains behind it that would take a day or two to walk to. The cube doesn't dominate the landscape, but you can see it from some distance away.

The ladder is a high-tech/carbon fiber industrial looking extension ladder, driven solidly into the ground straight up into the air about 6 - 8 feet away from the cube. You could climb it without worrying about it falling over, even though it doesn't touch the cube. It's partially extended to about 25 feet tall.

There is a good looking appaloosa grazing about 10 feet from the cube. It has a bridle and split reins hanging down but no saddle or hobble.

Off in the distance over the mountains behind the cube the sky is grey and a fast-moving snowstorm is heading for us. It's not a blizzard, it's just one of those spring snows that leaves a little dusting of snow and then the sun comes out the next day and melts it.

All around and stretching away from the cube is a profusion of wildflowers of all different types and colors growing in the grass, The horse is eating the flowers. (We're childfree, so the "flowers as children" thing doesn't really resonate with me.)
20-06-2015 02:11
Cube: Kinda big but not small... pink and opaque.
Ladder: White, standing up, white, and not needed.
Horse: White, yellow mane and green eyes. REALLY PRETTY, almost uptight.
Storm: Tornado and rain. Big, but VERY far away.
Flowers: In a vase, a lot of red roses. Very close to cube.

It's pretty scary how accurate this is.
19-06-2015 05:28
I'm very impressed, spot on
30-05-2015 13:48

About the size of my hand, quite like a Rubik's cube, really.

The colour is, well since I can only see three side's of the cube, blue on one side, white on the other and green.

The cube is in my hand, so arm's length?

The cube is opaque.

The cube compared to the desert? Well, it's the size of my hands so you make the calculations.


The ladder is not leaning on the cube. It's leaning on a wall.

The colour is brown, made out of wood.

My impression is that the ladder is old, but firm and sturdy, the type that looks like it's going to break but feels like it's unyielding.

The cube is next to the ladder, around 3 cm apart.


1.5 meter apart.


My impression is that it's tired and just wants something to eat. But the horse is content nevertheless.

It's tied up and has a saddle on.


It's far away. like, you can just see a grey dot type of far.

Big storm.

Passing by.


Four flowers.

On the ground, surrounding the horse, the cube and the ladder.


I feel like the flowers brighten up the scene tremendously.


I agree with the cube, storm and the horse one, but I don't have a lover and no children, therefore unable to relate to the answers.
22-05-2015 20:55
I wish I knew in advance all these elements because I pictured the desert as vast and lonely. No flower would blossom there. The new additions felt contrived. Warn us of the objects in advance!

Cube - small, white. Not transparent. Empty, blank. I pictured it as 20 feet away from me. Very small, about the size of a soda can.

Ladder - laying on the ground 5 feet away from the cube. I described it as brown, wooden, and rigid, and completely useless to me.

Horse - Is walking/running by, brown, he is going somewhere, not tied down or saddled.

Storm - it looms above us all. It is huge and black.

Flower - one red flower at the edge of a field (which doesn't help with Sahara like desert...) between the sand and the grass. It makes me hopeful.

I have two children, so not sure about the count there....
22-05-2015 06:08
Cube- Opaque, six foot by six foot by six foot, lightly rooted into the ground. Deep black metal which seems to engulf light, with light blue markings covering the entire body releasing the same light the metal so devoured. Drag marks follow the cube

Horse- Steam punk steed, made of copper, silver, and gold, and ruby eyes. You can see the inner workings, and its locked in place. Is attached to a mechanism for dragging the cube around.

Ladder- Sturdy wood, the two poles are both red wood, while all the rungs of the ladder are black. About two feet away from cube, laying on its side, covered in dust.

Storm- Massive writhing mass of destruction surrounding the cube, eerily snaking towards the cube and horse, throwing sand and hail everywhere.

Flowers (oh dear god)- A massive field packed so tightly with flowers, most seem to grow from the same stalk, all equally beautiful, in a rainbow of colors. All are roses.
20-05-2015 21:14
My cube is mostly covered by the sand, it's like 3 ft large but only a portion of it emerges from the sands, and it's white, made of some kind of extremely hard stone. It's solid, not opaque, and cannot be lifted off the ground for one's life, it's way too dense, heavy and hard. It's small compared to the desert which is probably as vast as Earth itself, although I feel there certainly is the sea beyond even if I can't see it. And it's no further than 10 ft from me. As for the ladder, it's standing there on its own accord, however physically impossible. It's about 20 ft away from the cube, made of wood, somewhat old, its red painting is peeling off here and there. It is totally unrelated with the cube and it feels shaky, like I could push it down with a blow.
There's a brown horse in the distance, say 30 feet away. It's standing on its four legs and looking around majestically. No restraints, no saddle, no ties, but it gives the impression of relative strength and quietness.
Flowers are pretty far away from the horse, closer to the cube, and they are multicolored and small, there's like a little bush with flowers on them, although I watch them from the distance rather then trying to get close. A storm suddenly appears, it's all around with thunders and lightnings but apart from the ladder which is rather shaky by itself already, all other items are unaffected by its fury, and then it's gone in a blink and the scene returns peaceful, however odd and somewhat surreal.
20-05-2015 21:08
Cube: It's about the length of my foot, cubed of course. It's made of mirrors and it's about five or ten feet away from me.

Ladder: It stands by itself and goes up into the sky. It's pretty close to the cube, maybe a foot away i guess. It's thin, but it's made of strong, sturdy wood.

Horse: The horse moves back and forth from the cube to elsewhere, but always faces away from the cube. It's brown, with a saddle, and seems really calm and passive.

Storm: The storm is huge but it's far away.

Flowers: They vary from none, to a few, to thousands, and they come in every shape and size and color and move far to close to the cube.

20-05-2015 20:36
Cube - small, found on floor, picked it up. Jet black, think made from onyx, and just about large enough to hold in my hand.

Ladder - quite tall, lying on the floor, wooden but sturdy, a few feet away

Horse - White and brown piebald horse, no saddle, nudged me in the back and took me by surprise, instantly fell in love

Flowers - daisies, loads of the, sprawling from my feet into the distance, loved the sight as reminded me of my childhood

Storm - massive dark clouds in the far off distance, deep rumbling just about audible, occasional lightening bolts visible, not afraid

I'm a 26 year old woman, been with my partner the last 5 years, no children but would love to have some in the near future. I have a few friends, none particularly close though.. Dunno what to make of that storm though, I love thunderstorms lol :)
12-05-2015 15:56
Cube: 2 feet tall and wide, White. I feel it is clean, positive, hopeful, good. 5 feet away from me. Not transparant. Opaque. Small compared to vast desert.

Ladder: Large ladder laying on top of the cube. Bright yellow, hard plastic. I feel the ladder is mysterious and confusing.

Horse: 5 feet away from the cube. Dark Chocolate brown. It is not tied, no saddle. It is patient.

Storm: no distance at all. All around. Big rain storm with lightning. Staying.

Flowers: a few, about 6, scattered and small growing out of the dirt ground all around the cube. Red. I feel fine. Nothing.

03-05-2015 19:14
Cube- 1ft by 1ft, it was a solid black color in the middle of an endless desert
Ladder- brown and made of wood it was about 5ft from the cube
Horse- brown with only a saddle it was about 5ft from the ladder
Flowers- there was about five and each was yellow in the center and white with the petals but these were next to the box

So all the items were layed out in a line all about 5ft from each other
27-04-2015 04:04
um, my brain came up with the most logical choice for the flowers. what happens to normal flowers in desert? they die.
23-04-2015 07:53
Cube: Big enough to fit an apartment, about a half mile away, keeps shimmering between blue, black, silver, and transparent. It looks as though there is a woman, by herself washing dishes but I can hardly tell, and just came up with a random ratio: 1 Desert = 22 Million Cubes.

Ladder: Taller than the cube by a foot, leaning against the right side of it, appears to be an old, brown, wooden work ladder.

Horse: About a few hundred fee away from the cube, light brown with white glistening mane and a small saddle, I saw a woman in a silver dress riding it towards the cube.

Storm: Behind the cube (from my point of view), about 15 minutes quite dark, and can't see an end to any side (except of course the front of it, heading towards the cube.

Rose: 1 Seemingly perfect perfect red rose, it keeps glitching between me and the cube along the same imaginary linear line. Wanted to take it, put in in a small glass vase, and keep it alive as long as possible.

Some information before attempting to interpret this: I am a male, early 20's, not married (would very much like to be, to the right woman of course), no children (and in no hurry to have them), no significant other, I enjoy all colors, but blue, black, and silver are often not my top 3 (of course it changes based upon my mood, and what the color is being applied to but they aren't the ones I repeatedly go back to the most), and I only think I let people see though me when I get to my absolute most desperate, unless it's seemingly trivial things.

I'm not sure what to think about my results. I tend to think whoever created this, thought that every item meant the same thing to every person, which is clearly not the case with some of the items. More common things like a storm being an obstacle are, more often than not, going to be the case with most people, but still some people like storms, and don't necessarily dislike them because they have a different interpretation in their mind. A common problem with these tests is they do not address possible extra information; like in my case, the woman riding the horse, the woman inside the cube, or the constant transportation of the flower. These kinds of tests are very often inaccurate, misinterpreted, improperly formulated, ambiguous, one size fits all kinds of things, which is the problem when humans and their minds are so much more complex than anything that can be written down into a static formula, or process as simply interpreted as this one, and most others out there. You need a test that account for all possibilities if you wish for it work properly for everyone who takes it. Now granted, that is not to say that this won't be accurate for some people, but more often than not, tests like these are not going to give entirely accurate results, or accurate results period for the entirety or vast majority of its participants.
23-04-2015 03:59
Cube: It's a black cube and its pretty big, about 8ft tall. It's black and it's definitely not transparent. I don't really know what it's made of, some kind of heavy metal. The ratio would be about 1/1000000. The desert is huge and seems endless. there are a couple of cacti and dead bushes here and there, but that's about it. There is a big boulder a few feet from the cube.

Ladder: The ladder is leaning against the boulder not far from the cube. It is brown and made of wood.

Horse: My horse is brown and free. It's definitely wild since it just came out of nowhere and walked up right next to me to look at the cube. It seems trustworthy, but I would wait for it to come to me instead of coming up to it so I just leave it alone.

Storm: You can see the storm to my left. It's huge and the clouds are as black as night. It's coming my way quickly, but I don't panic because I know there's no escaping it.

Flower: There is just one flower and it's beautiful. I imagined it a bright red daisy with a bright green stem and two leaves. It's close to me, but it's not that close to the cube. The flower makes me feel happy and gives me a little bit of hope
22-04-2015 16:08
Cube: small, about knee height. A few metres away from me. Red and completely opague, but slightly reflective. Looks very out of place and artificial, compared to the rest of the desert. (I basically don't think much of myself and I feel like I don't fit in, like I don't belong here, in this situation, this body, this world).

Ladder: silver, metal ladder. Very plain, very typical, lying on the ground about a metre away from the cube. (I don't really have many friends, especially not close ones who I can rely on. I have my girlfriend who is also my best friend, but that's about it. Maybe I don't feel supported, like I'm on my own in the world even though there are people all around).

Horse: close enough to see clearly, black, elegant horse, looks kinda lonely, lost. It's not got a saddle, nor is it tied up. I looks as if it's wild. (I think this means that I am close to my girlfriend but maybe there's some emotional blockage, and I don't allow people to get too close because I'm too scared of losing them).

Storm: a huge, black cloud immediately above the cube, not going anywhere. Lots of lighting, striking the cube. (Basically, everything bad seems to happen to me, but it has an effect on everyone around me too).

Flowers: about 10 all spaced out, wilting and faded. Not much colour in them. (I do not have children, and do not intend to have children for a long time so idk what that means, however I did find it hard to imagine the flowers - maybe that's why).
18-04-2015 21:54
Cube: Small enough to fit in my hand. Transparent clear with a warm yellow glow inside. It's floating eyelevel off the ground.

Ladder: It's laying on the ground, left to the cube. (Not sure what that means)

Horse: It's a brown horse with a red tent. It's strong and sturdy. It has nothing attached to it. It's just standing there looking at me on the right side of the cube.

Storm: It's a very large storm that covers the whole desert but it's off in the distance, only close enough to see it and feel the wind. It's just dust everywhere..

Flower: It's a red tulip. It had finally finished blooming and is directly under the orb. Completing everything.

Everything's is about 2 feet away from me. Everything just beautiful yet scary..
16-04-2015 10:26
I was holding a bunch of flowers outstretched and tied with string. Is there any significance to the flowers being in a bunch?
15-04-2015 15:35
I pictured the cube as a tinted glass rest stop/oasis, where travelers in the desert can stop and rest, also get a cup of water. It has a loft in the interior, which the wooden ladder leads to. The brown horse is unsaddled and just resting by the doorway awaiting his traveler. The storm is a ranging thunder storm complete with rain which is collected and filtered by the cube for the travelers to drink. The flowers look like sea heather and gathered in a bundle left on a table inside the cube.

Not sure if I thought of these things in the way I was suppose to, but this is what I pictured.
15-04-2015 00:54
My fiance made me do this over the phone.

The cube was small light blue, solid, in a large sandy desert expanding beyond the horizon.
No Ladder.
The horse was brown with a black mane, and standing in the distance. Abandoned by its rider, (forgotten but content maybe even happy).
Between the cube and horse is a small oasis with a small patch of grass and a handful full of Lilly looking flowers.
And a large sand storm in the background.
14-04-2015 23:51
Cube- small, transparent
Ladder- wood, silver, 4 feet from cube
Horse- black, far away, no rope
Storm- big, lingering over the cube, very strong
Flowers- 1 flower, orange, far away from the cube, farther then the horse.
10-04-2015 00:36
Cube: really big and transparent and is in the desert
Ladder: Never really could find a color. Just couldn't picture a definite color It was thought to be leaning on the cube but really looks like it is holding it up.
Horse: brown and wild and free but chooses to wait on someone or something.
Storm: big tornado and steady warm rain.
Flower(s): lots of flowers, 12 to be exact. They are white flowers, soft but not delicate.
07-04-2015 23:57
Cube: small, white (innocent, pure), solid
Ladder: silver, metal (strong, sturdy) the box is on the ladder.
Horse:Black (mysterious, dangerous), far away, no saddle (free)
Storm: big, lingering, dark, calm
Flower: purple, 2, on their own.

This is kinda freaky!!!!
26-03-2015 19:07
I wasn't expecting the ladder to be my friends! I pictured it all awful rope-and-wood like the helicopter ones.. completely disposable and useless.. but i don't feel that way about people!! It was interesting overall.
26-02-2015 11:16
So beautiful!! My horse is white and free and is surrounded by red flowers that make me happy!!! :)
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