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ESTJ type

personality types

Find out how many people share your type, and what your strengths are!

Is the glass half full or half empty? Hey! Whose job was it to fill up this glass?

Prayer God, help me to try not to run everything, but if you need some help, just ask.

Animal personality German Shepherd

Although they're very loyal to you, German Shepherds, like ESTJ humans, tend to get annoying after a while. Loud, obnoxious, and aggressive, you can smell their authority from a mile away.

Cat personality "Bossycat"

A cat with attitude. He'll hiss at a Doberman, and the dog will back down. Knows his territory. Is loyal to owners even though he does not display apparent affection.

Collective noun A quantum of ESTJ's

Percentage of total population 13%

All 16 types

Your type is a combination of four preferences. Each preference was made by choosing between 2 letters in a dichotomy. The four dichotomies are:


Defines where you direct your energy. Extroversion indicates outwards towards the world, and Introversion indicates a tendency inwards towards your thoughts and ideas.


Defines how you process information. Do you prefer to process information through your five senses (Sensing) or do you prefer to trust your hunches and read between the lines? (iNtuition)


Defines how you make decisions. Do you prefer logical analysis (Thinking), or contemplating about how each option affects people? (Feeling)


Defines how you order your life. Do you prefer making plans and keeping to schedules (Judging), or do you usually keep things open? (Perceiving)

There are 16 types in total. Now that you know your type, check out your type description by following the appropriate link below!

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Comments (4)


i would like for you guys to compare these personality types in a relationship. i think that would be very interesting. i am an esfp and my fiance is an estj.

Anurag Sharansays...

Very good results from such a short quiz. Highly perceptive.


I am bossy, I make decisions too fast, I work extremely hard, I have achieved good university degrees, I work in health care and I fix EVERYTHING around the house. I am not very organized though.

Very good, very much like me indeed.