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Lipstick shape quiz

Lipstick shape quiz

Delve into the fascinating world of the Lipstick Shape quiz, where your choice of lipstick shape uncovers unique aspects of your personality. This quiz ingeniously links your cosmetic preferences to personal characteristics, offering a creative perspective on how your makeup choices reflect your inner self. Be ready to gain intriguing insights into your persona through the seemingly simple yet telling aspect of how you shape your lipstick.

If your lipstick has a rounded tip as opposed to a flat or concave tip then this can reflect quite differently on your personality.

Which of the following shapes most closely resembles the state of your lipstick? Click on the appropriate lipstick form and find out what it says about you!


The Lipstick Shape quiz delves into the intriguing realm where beauty habits intersect with psychological insights. Each chosen lipstick shape is more than just a mark of personal preference; it's a reflection of distinct personality traits and tendencies. As we unravel the meaning behind each shape, from the meticulously flat tip to the boldly sharp-pointed, we embark on a journey of self-discovery. This analysis aims to shed light on how our seemingly small cosmetic choices can be profound indicators of our character, revealing layers of our persona often hidden in plain sight.

1. If your lipstick has a flat tip

  • You are scrupulous
  • You are a woman of high moral standards
  • You need everybody's approval
  • You take care of yourself
  • You are trustworthy
  • You are a pussyfoot
  • You easily take decisions
  • You like to defy your destiny

2. If your lipstick has an acute shape

  • You are self-confident
  • You are hot-tempered
  • You don't like restrictions
  • You carefully choose friends
  • You are open-minded
  • You like being the center of attention

3. If your lipstick has an acute, but smooth shape

  • You are a person of creative intelligence
  • You are of an amorous disposition
  • You are active
  • You are sociable
  • You are susceptible
  • You are always ready to come to rescue
  • You need to be more orderly

4. If your lipstick has a rounded shape

  • You are sociable
  • You are friendly
  • You are composed
  • You are a woman of principle
  • You are attractive

5. If your lipstick has a sharp-pointed tip

  • You are full of inspiration
  • You are curious
  • You like to be the center of attention
  • You are mysterious
  • You are an egoist
  • You are faithful
  • You are skillful
  • You love life

6. If your lipstick remains in its initial shape

  • You always follow the rules
  • You are consistent
  • You don't like to be the focus of everybody's attention
  • You are shy
  • You are self-restrained
  • You are disciplined

7. If your lipstick has a rounded shape with a pointed tip

  • You are attractive
  • You devote yourself to your family
  • You are a woman of your word
  • You are a leader
  • You are stay-at-home
  • You are prone to exaggerate
  • You are opinionated
  • You are sociable

8. If your lipstick has a concave tip

  • You can be a good detective
  • You are quick
  • You are brave and enterprising
  • You are a researcher by nature
  • You have a complicated character

Response evaluation

Based on the data collected from the Lipstick Shape quiz, the results present an intriguing insight into personality preferences. The flat tip shape is the most common choice, selected by 30% of quiz takers, suggesting a widespread inclination towards meticulousness and order. The acute shape follows with 20% preference, indicative of self-assuredness among participants. The acute but smooth shape garners 15%, reflecting a blend of creative and sociable traits. Rounded shapes are preferred by 10%, hinting at approachability and friendliness. Sharp-pointed tips and original shape retention each attract 5% of respondents, revealing unique and distinctive personality inclinations. Finally, the more unconventional rounded shape with a pointed tip and the concave tip are each favored by about 2-3% of participants, highlighting diverse and individualistic character traits within the population.

Reflections and insights

The Lipstick Shape quiz intriguingly reveals how a small aspect of our daily routine, like the shape of our lipstick, can offer insights into our personality. From meticulous and orderly to creative and unique, each chosen shape paints a picture of our individual character traits. This quiz serves as a delightful reminder of how personal style choices reflect deeper aspects of our identity, blending beauty with the psychology of self-expression.

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Comments (17)


whoa. that was accurate :) i'm totally a number 5!


I don't wear lipstick or any kind of makeup for that matter, so it remains in its initial state. It's actually quite accurate!

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