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Personality research

Personality research facts from academic institutions and published journals.

Research topics include personality testing, mental health, personaity traits and education.

  Social connection
Out of 100 modifiable factors social connection is most likely to counter depression.
Study: Massachusetts General Hospital, 2020.
  Extra curricular activities
Teens who are more involved in extracurricular activities, and engage in less screen time, have better mental health.
Study: University of British Columbia, 2020.
  Breathing techniques
Breathing techniques help improve students' mental health.
Study: Yale.edu, 2020.
  Characteristics of narcissism
Characteristics of narcissism such as self-importance and sensitivity to criticism decrease with age and time.
Study: Michigan State University, 2019.
  Socially desirable responses
People give socially desirable responses instead of honest answers under the pressure of time.
Study: University of California, Santa Barbara, 2019.
  Dominance effect
Faces appear more dominant when the head is tilted down, an effect produced by the V-shaped angle of the eyebrows.
Study: The University of British Columbia, 2019
  Dark chocolate
People who consumed dark chocolate in the space of two 24 hour periods were 70% less likely to report depressive symptoms than people who hadn't eaten chocolate at all.
Study: University College London, 2019

Depression affects 300 million people worldwide, and is the leading cause of disabililty.
Source: World Health Organization, 2019
  Smartphone dependency
Members of the younger generation that are too dependent on their smartphones have a higher risk for depression and loneliness.
Study: The University of Arizona, 2019
  Revealing goals
People were more engaged in their goals and achieved better results when they talked to people they thought had more prestige and respect than they did.
Study:Ohio State University, 2019
  Spending habits
Personality traits can be inferred from spending habits, with predictions more accurate for narrower traits, such as materialism and self-control.
Study: UCL and Columbia University, 2019
  Romantic relationships
People look for the same personality types again and again, in romantic relationships.
Study: University of Toronto, Canada, 2019
  Nature threshold
Spending two hours per week in nature is the threshold for promoting health and well-being.
Study: University of Exeter, and Uppsala University Sweden, 2019
  Marshmallow test
The classic marshmallow test has shown that the ability to delay gratification is predictive of several positive life outcomes such as greater tolerance to stress and higher SAT scores.
Study: UC San Diego, 2020
  Marshmallow test revisited
Research suggests that three to four year old children value social rewards and care more about boosting their reputation than previously thought.
Study: UC San Diego, 2020
  Social network addition
Three broad personality domains, neuroticism, conscientiousness and agreeableness, were found to be related to social network addiction.
Study: Binghampton University, 2018
  Visiting the gym
The effectiveness and enjoyment of visiting the gym is related to creativity and extraversion.
Study: British Psychological Society, 2018
  Dog personalities
Dog personalities are shaped over time and according to interactions they have with their owners and the world.
Study: Michigan State University, 2019
  Body shape
According to research people make value judgements about strangers based on body shape.
Study: The University of Texas at Dallas, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, 2018
  Dark core of personality
Egoism, Machiavellianism, narcissism, psychopathy, sadism, spitefulness share a common 'dark core'. If you have one of these tendencies, you are also likely to have one or more of the others.
Study: University of Copenhagen, Ulm University, University of Koblenz-Landau, 2018
  Criminal risk
Law breakers seek more risk than law abiding citizens when there is something to gain, and less risk when there is something to lose.
Study: Cornell.edu 2018
  Birth order
Firstborns are more likely to be employed and work in top management, whereas later-borns are more likely to be self-employed.
Study: Columbia University, Uppsala University, Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy, Sweden. 2018
  Birth order
Firstborns were found to be more persistent and socially outgoing than later-borns.
Study: Columbia University, Uppsala University, Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy, Sweden. 2018
  Service sector
The incidence of stress, depression and reduced sleep is greater for jobs that rely on tips than for non-tipped positions.
Study: Oregon Health & Science University, 2018

Ambiverts display a degree of social flexibility that allows them to be effective sales people.
Study: The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 2018
  Genuine laughter
The ability to identify genuine laughter transcends culture. Participants from the U.S. and 20 other countries were generally able to tell the difference between a real (spontaneous) and fake (volitional) laugh.
Study: UCLA, 2018

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