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  These tests can be fun and make you say HMMMM. Something to do after hours...
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newsletter Home - Newsletter - Issue 3

Gain insight into your personality with our new tests and discover what girl scout cookies and colors say about you and your friends! Our featured article provides useful information on whether or not we can change our luck. Today's news section includes an article on personality traits and career choices that our younger friends might find interesting.


1.New Tests - Girl scout cookies, birth dates and colors

2.Featured Article - What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?

3.Puzzles and Teasers - More riddles and brain teasers

4.In the News - Personality traits and career choices

5.Featured Link - Resilience assessment

New Tests

food quizzes Girl scout cookies - What your girl scout cookie says about your personality.

horoscopesHoroscopes - Check out your birth date and see what you're all about.

color tests Colors -  Find out what the people in your life mean to you.

What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®?

The MBTI® is a self-report questionnaire designed to help people determine their personality type and is the most widely used psychological inventory in the world. The MBTI® is not a test - there are no right or wrong answers. It does not measure skill, intelligence, or mental health. The emphasis is on your preferences!

Why take the MBTI®?
Knowing about your personality type can help you understand your motivations, natural strengths, and potential areas for growth, and enhance your appreciation of people who are different from yourself. Understanding your personality type makes it easier to determine why you do things the way you do, and to look at ways you can become more effective and less overwhelmed by life's challenges. Increased self-awareness can bring many benefits to your personal life as well as your professional life.

Although there are many online questionnaires designed to tell you your personality type, the most reliable way to learn about your personality type is to complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® under the guidance of a qualified professional. MBTI® practitioners work in many areas, including time management, career development, communication, and team building.

How does the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® work?

Your responses to the questions indicate your preferences in the following four areas:

1. Where do you prefer to focus your attention? Where do you get your energy?
People who prefer Extraversion direct their energy and attention outward. They receive energy from interacting with people and from taking action. People who prefer Introversion like to focus on their own inner world of ideas and experiences. They receive energy from reflecting on their thoughts.

2. How do you prefer to take in information?
People who prefer Sensing like to take in information that is real and tangible – what is actually happening. They are observant about the specifics of what is going on around them and are especially tuned into practical realities. People who prefer Intuition like to take in information by seeing the big picture, focusing on the relationships and connections between facts. They want to grasp patterns and are especially tuned into seeing new possibilities.

3. How do you prefer to make decisions?
People who prefer Thinking like to look at the pros and cons of a situation and base their decisions on logical reasons and consequences. Their goal is to find a standard or principle that will apply in all similar situations. People who prefer Feeling like to base their decisions on personal values. Their goal is to create harmony and to treat each person as unique.

4. How do you deal with the outer world?
People who prefer Judging like to live in a planned, orderly way, seeking to regulate and manage their lives. Sticking to a plan and schedule is important to them, and they are energized by getting things done. People who prefer Perceiving like to live in a flexible, spontaneous way, seeking to experience life rather than control it. Detailed plans and final decisions feel confining to them - they prefer to stay open to new information and last-minute options.

Your preferences in these four areas combine to form YOUR personality type!

About The Author

Janet Barclay is a qualified MBTI® practitioner and the owner of Organized Assistant. Visit for further information about Organized Assistant’s services for Maximizing Your Time and Space, and to request your subscription to The Organized Assistant Resource, a free monthly ezine.
Puzzles and Riddles (Answers at the end of this newsletter)

1. You are in a race and you overtake the person who is in second place. What is your position now?

2. Six drinking glasses stand in a row, with the first three full of juice and the next three empty. By moving only one glass can you arrange them so empty and full glasses alternate?

3. Add a single line to the equation in order to make it true (the 'equals' sign remains unchanged). 105 + 2 + 5 = 350

4. What falls but never breaks?

In the News

Talking with your mouth full - Do families that regularly eat dinner together have better adjusted kids than those who don't?

Why are the Danes the happiest nation? - For 30 years Denmark has ranked first in European satisfaction surveys.

Featured Link -

Resilience Assessment - Analyzes how well people can bounce back from life's setbacks.

Puzzles and teasers answers

1. Second place 2. Pour the second glass into the fifth glass 3. Add a line to the second plus sign in order to make it into a four 4. Night


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