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Character quiz

Character quiz

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with this Character quiz, designed to offer insights into your unique personality and values. Through a series of thought-provoking questions, uncover aspects of yourself that define your character. This quiz serves as a reflective tool, guiding you to better understand and appreciate your individual traits and tendencies without influencing your responses. Get ready to delve deeper into the essence of who you are.

Answer the following questions and then read about your type.

1. You have your own point of view.

Yes - go to number 2.

No - go to number 8.

2. You prefer a star-shaped to a heart-shaped necklace.

Yes - go to number 3.

No - go to number 9.

3. You are not interested in dolls or robots.

Yes - go to number 4.

No - go to number 11.

4. You have little interest in Chinese traditional clothing.

Yes - go to number 5.

No - go to number 11.

5. You have red clothing in your wardrobe.

Yes - go to number 6.

No - go to number 12.

6. You would like to apply for a job which requires experience.

Yes - go to number 7.

No - go to number 13.

7. Your friends like to get along with you because you are a reliable person.

Yes -Type A

No -Type B

8. You have short hair.

Yes - go to number 2.

No - go to number 15.

9. You think your skin complexion is not fair enough.

Yes - go to number 3.

No - go to number 16.

10. Which kind of flowers do you like most?

A. Sunflower - go to number 14.

B. Wild chrysanthemum - go to number 11.

11. You are a conscientious student/employee.

Yes - go to number 5.

No - go to number 17.

12. You have no interest in crafts recently.

Yes - go to number 6.

No - go to number 18.

13. You are an easygoing and friendly person.

Yes - go to number 7.

No - go to number 19.

14. You don't mind sleeping together with a group of people of the opposite sex on the same bed.

Yes -Type A

No - go to number 20.

15. You would choose sports as your major extra-curricular activities.

Yes - go to number 9.

No - go to number 21.

16. You are fond of math and science subjects.

Yes - go to number 10.

No - go to number 22.

17. You like orange more than red.

Yes - go to number 12.

No - go to number 24.

18. You like mountains more than oceans.

Yes - go to number 13.

No - go to number 25.

19. Whenever someone is better than you at something, you get irritated and uncomfortable.

Yes - go to number 14.

No - go to number 26.

20. You don't mind talking and laughing loudly in the public.

Yes -Type B

No -Type C

21. You always tidy up your own room.

Yes - go to number 16.

No - go to number 28.

22. You like watching TV programs related to sports.

Yes - go to number 23.

No - go to number 29.

23. You think pure friendship cannot exist in between opposite sexes.

Yes - go to number 10.

No - go to number 17.

24. You would like to learn cooking.

Yes - go to number 18.

No - go to number 31.

25. You have a lot of interest in the "internet".

Yes - go to number 19.

No - go to number 32.

26. What kind of persons do you favor most?

A. Sporty - go to number 20.

B. Mature - go to number 39.

27. You would like to wear clothes which are specially designed to impress others.

Yes -Type B

No -Type D

28. You like dogs more than cats.

Yes - go to number 22.

No - go to number 34.

29. You usually carry perfume when you go out.

Yes - go to number 30.

No - go to number 35.

30. You like the moon more than sun.

Yes - go to number 23.

No - go to number 24.

31. You change your hair style frequently.

Yes - go to number 25.

No - go to number 37.

32. Serving others make you busy.

Yes - go to number 26.

No - go to number 38.

33. Your hair is always untidy.

Yes -Type C

No - go to number 27.

34. You are afraid of cooking.

Yes - go to number 29.

No - go to number 35.

35. You have quite a lot of ornaments.

Yes - go to number 36.

No - go to number 37.

36. You like shopping during holidays.

Yes - go to number 37.

No - go to number 31.

37. You will go and take a portrait in the future.

Yes - go to number 32.

No - go to number 38.

38. You are not fussy about the pattern and cut of your underwear.

Yes - go to number 39.

No - go to number 40.

39. You have no interest in crafts making.

Yes - go to number 27.

No - go to number 33.

40. You follow the fashion trend on clothes.

Yes -Type C

No -Type D


Type A: Outgoing type

You are an outgoing and cheerful person. Although you can still sometimes get frustrated you get through the hard times easily. Your friendly personality is your strong point in the eyes of the opposite sex, but this makes your partner feel insecure.

Type B: Artistic type

You love caring for others. People find it comfortable talking to you and this enables you to gain their trust. Your personality usually leaves a good impression on those of the opposite sex who are sentimental.

Type C: Lovable type

You are regarded as a little sister/brother in the eyes of the opposite sex. You are usually dependent on others and tend to rely on the opinions of other people. Among the 4 types, your type favors marriage the most. The first impression you give to the opposite sex is your sympathetic appearance and character. This may account for the reason why others are eager to offer you protection and security.

Type D: Charming type

Among the 4 types, your type possesses the most charming beauty. The sexy charm that you possess attracts other people's attention and helps you gain popularity. You are advised to be cautious when other people flatter you too much.

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion.

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entertaining quiz


type B


This was kinda weird and not that accurate plus what does me owning red have to do with anything?


Lovable type


that is so weird i guess my husband is insecure about my strong friendly personality

Social connection

social connection


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