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Driving in a new city

Driving quiz

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with the Driving Quiz, where a simple drive in a new city unfolds into a revealing exploration of your personality. Faced with the challenge of being lost, your response to this situation sheds light on your problem-solving skills, sense of responsibility, and how you navigate relationship dynamics. This quiz offers a unique lens to view your approach to communication and decision-making in unexpected circumstances. Gain valuable insights into your interpersonal style and learn more about yourself in the process.

You and your partner are driving somewhere in a new city and you are not familiar with the roads. You follow the directions given to you by your partner. It soon turns out, however, that you are lost.

What are you most likely say?

  1. "I thought you knew how to get there."
  2. "It's ok. We enjoyed the drive anyway."
  3. "I should have paid attention. When we made that left turn, I wanted to ask you about it but didn't. My fault."


A: "I thought you knew how to get there."

Not a very forgiving person, you are quick in assigning responsibility to others. Hidden in the accusatory tone is also anger or dissatisfaction that may or may not be related to the incident per se.

B: "It's ok. We enjoyed the drive anyway."

Easygoing and understanding in your attitude, you generally consider your partner equal to yourself. The readiness with which you tolerate your partner's errors indicates a desire to be treated the same way in similar situations.

C: "I should have paid attention. When we made the left turn back over there, I wanted to ask you about it but didn't. My fault."

Self-effacing and self-accusatory, you demonstrate a tendency to bending over backwards to accommodate your partner. The relationship may be a truly sweet one, but possibly hidden in the attitude is also a certain amount of insecurity.

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Comments (21)


I'm proud of my answer A!!

Renee R.says...

I chose C and I am NOT self-effacing and self-accusatory! Sometimes we just have to own up if we make a gaffe. 'Nothing wrong with that.


Nah, I just know I'm terrible with directions, so I'd blame myself first if we got lost


Ayo, I got A and it’s pretty accurate:’)


I think is this pretty accurate. I picked B.

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