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The bridge

Bridge quiz

Two goats meet at a bridge.

There is a very narrow bridge over a river. One day a goat that was crossing this bridge met another goat just in the middle. There was no room for both of them to pass.

Which of the following can you imagine as the most likely scenario?

A. One goat willingly turned back to let the other goat pass first.

B. The two goats charged against each other, and, after a few rounds of confrontation, the stronger goat forced the loser to yield.

C. One goat lay down on the bridge, and the other goat walked lightly over him.

D. The two goats charged against each other and both fell off the bridge and into the deep river below.

E. One goat retraced its way and waited for the other goat to come over; then, instead of going over to the other side, it stayed to play and graze with its new friend.


A. Courteous and flexible. You believe in rational solutions to life's challenges, and, to achieve that goal, you are willing to make concessions and compromises.

B. You are confrontational in your approach to life. You have a thirst for power and usually take an all or nothing approach to life. You could be merciless, even though you do not always turn out to be the victor.

C. You act in a way that benefits the common good. You are wise and avoid confrontation when it is not called for. While you may appear submissive to some people, in reality you have a high self esteem that enables you to be warm-hearted and generous to others.

D. You hold a rather pessimistic view of human nature and are cynical about the world in general. You are weary of all the struggles and scuffles around you and generally tend to believe that things are headed in the wrong direction. You value peace of mind above most things even though to attain it requires a struggle.

E. Quite the idealist! Optimistic and upbeat, you believe that everything is possible. Generous and broad-minded, you want to enjoy life as much as you can and want to make as many friends as you can. Even though this hopelessly positive view of the world sometimes lets you down, it also does you a whole lot good as people enjoy being around you.

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Comments (16)


I chose C, which describes me well


D. I didn't pick based on my beliefs. I did it based on what I think the goats would have done. I'm not pessimistic. In fact, all my friends think I'm very optimistic. I'm the MOST optimistic optimist You'll ever meet!!


I picked D...

But what if the bridge collapsed under the goats' weight? Can they swim?

John Rambosays...

B. The survival of the fittest


d is my answer

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social connection


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