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The interview

interview quiz

You are being interviewed for a new job.

You are required to take an interview and on entering the room you realize that there is no chair for you. What do you do?

  1. Remain standing.
  2. Ask for a chair.
  3. Find a chair yourself.
  4. Ask the interviewers if you should find a chair.
  5. Act as if you are sitting in an imaginary chair.


  1. You appear to be submissive and apprehensive.
  2. You're willing to speak out, but do not seem to have enough initiative to solve the problem yourself.
  3. While your initiative is commendable, the lack of coordination with others may make you appear stubborn and uncooperative.
  4. You suggest a solution and clear it with others. A creative and enterprising person who is also willing to cooperate with others.
  5. You would be considered amusing and entertaining.

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Comments (8)

what's in a namesays...

A or C for me, depending on the setup.

I say that A-C are spot on, but D & E are a bit off. E can also be foolish and perhaps passive aggressive by drawing attention to the lack of a chair but not directly. I don't agree with D, it implies a lack of confidence and possibly anxiety issues.


What if i take the chair of the interviewer ??


What if you tell the interviewer that you will go get another chair?

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