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In the realms of medieval fantasy

In the realms of medieval fantasy

You are walking in a field of rolling green grass and the wind is blowing soothingly upon your face.

1. You see a box in the middle of the field. Is it

  1. Open
  2. Closed

2. As you walk by the box, you notice a horse patiently chewing grass. What color is it?

  1. White
  2. Brown
  3. Black

3. A magical flight of steps appears before your eyes. Mesmerized, you notice that the staircase is leading

  1. Up
  2. Down

4. Unable to fight your burning curiosity, you take the flight of steps and enter a forest. It is hot but you walk on before realizing you have to cross a river to carry on your journey. The river is

  1. Gushing along madly
  2. Flowing at a normal pace
  3. Meandering slowly.

5. You trudge along the forest path until you spot a cottage. Upon entering the house, you see a wine glass. To what extent is the glass filled with wine?

6. You spend a night in the cottage and after waking up the next morning, you step out into the bright day and see a pond in the distance. How many swans are there in the pond?

If you are a girl, go to the next question. If you are a guy, go to question 8.

7. As you approach the pond to feed the swans, you see a knight clad in armor. As the knight takes off his helmet to greet you, you realize it is someone you know. Who is it?

8. As you approach the pond to feed the swans, you see a princess in royal robes. As the princess unveils herself to greet you, you realize it is someone you know. Who is it?


1. This describes your personality.

  1. Open-minded and somewhat extroverted. You talk freely to people.
  2. Reserved and quiet. You do not like to share secrets.

2. This is the way you choose your mate.

  1. You care about looks and personality
  2. You do not care about looks, only personality.
  3. You do not care about personality, only looks.

3. This is your outlook on life.

  1. Optimistic
  2. Pessimistic

4. This is your sex drive

  1. Wild
  2. Average
  3. Tame

5. This refers to how much you would put into a relationship; the more wine in the glass, the more dedicated you are.

6. The number of true loves you'll have in your life.

7 & 8 is the person you will never get over or forget.

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Comments (8)


this is a fun quiz even if it told me im shallow ,superficial ,lazy and afraid of commitment on the other hand im an optimist.


I liked the results of this test, even if they seemed incorrect I'll always enjoy revealing my results. The horse i chose was brown, i said three swans put should had put two(i thought two at first), and the knight clad was a video game character...


This quiz was kinda right well all but the swan thing i put 10 lol

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