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We sometimes get in situations when we take decisions without a second thought. This is especially true in crises situations when everything is happening at the same time and we have to make flash decisions.

The decisions we make often times reflect our priorities, and this is the right time to find out what they are!

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How many letters are in the word two?

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Renee R.says...

It was correct.


1. Tap: Least effort and because it is wasteful letting perfectly good water go to waste. Saves me some $ too.

2. Doorbell: Whoever shows up on my door took the effort to come to my house so I will entertain but for how long depends on their reason for for being there. Delivery? Collect and say thanks. Sales? No thank you, have a good day.

3. Phone: If it is really urgent and important, you can always call back or reach me on my mobile through text. This isn’t the 20th century.

4. Baby: Whatever is making it cry has probably got to do with the noises generated from either the doorbell, phone ringing, and inclement weather or all. Pacify it.

5. Clothes: Clothes are as good as soiled, as soon as rainwater hits, no point rushing to get it back in.


I picked the door because the others can easily be done later. (Order as which i would do last) The clothes can be dried later inside, then answering the phone since they can't take for granted that im glued to my phone, then the baby would probably just be crying because of some silly reason. The thing I'd do just after opening the door is turning off the water, simply because it's done quickly. The reason I choose door is because their there in the presence and waiting, probably aware of the fact that I'm home.


Tbh I would get the baby because who knows what's going on with them

Josephine Lonstonesays...

This test said I was all about wealth by asking one question

I friken give up! I did the tap cos anything else could have been fixed and ppl waiting a min extra is no end of the world, my house could have flooded

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