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Reflection of life

Reflection of life

Write down your answers and then at the end check to see what each question means.

Imagine yourself in a forest or a jungle. You reach a hut.

1. Do you pass it, knock before going in, or simply rush in?

Now imagine yourself inside the hut.

2. There are twenty candles in it, how many will you light up?

3. You see a table inside? Is it square or round?

4. How many chairs do you see around the table?

5. There is a jug on the table. What material is the jug made of?

6. How much water is inside the jug?

You step out of the hut and start walking.

7. You reach a beautiful waterfall. How fast is the waterfall?

8. How many swans are there near the waterfall?


1. Walking past means that you are not ready for relationships. Entering or rushing in means that you are ready for relationships.

2. This question is about your generosity. The more you light up, the more generous you are.

3. A square table means that you are stubborn, a round table means that you are flexible.

4. This actually shows your hospitality. The more the better!

5. This refers to the material of your heart.

6. This refers to the amount of love that you will give to your partner.

7. The speed of the waterfall refers to your libido.

8. The number of swans symbolizes the number of best friends you have.

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Comments (8)


yea it was mostly accurate except for the candles. i didn't light them because they weren't mine. i'm not just gonna walk into someone's house and start lighting there candles, can you imagine how rude that would be.


I didn't light candles because the hut was already light from the broad daylight outside. Does that mean that I'm not generous in any way?


this one was relatively accurate, the part that was off was the candles I think. I am more generous than what I said.

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