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The forest

The forest

Take a walk in the forest and learn something more about yourself.

Imagine that you are walking in a forest.

1. Forest

  1. What do you see, and how does everything make you feel?
  2. What kind of trees are there?
  3. Is it bright or dark?

Now, describe the path in relation to the forest.

2. Path

  1. Is the path clearly visible?
  2. Is there any other path?
  3. Is the path wide or narrow?
  4. Is the path well-traveled or abandoned?
  5. Is the path easily navigated or are there obstructions?

As you continue walking through the forest, you see a bear.

3. Bear

Ι. Describe the bear.

ΙΙ. What is the bear doing?

  1. The bear has not seen me.
  2. The bear has seen me, and is doing cute 'bear type' things.
  3. The bear has seen me but is ignoring me.
  4. The bear has seen me, and is looking threatening.
  5. The bear is coming right at me!

ΙΙΙ. You need to continue on the path.

  1. Actually, he is cute and I am seriously considering adoption.
  2. I ignore him and walk on./li>
  3. I try to find a way to walk around the bear
  4. I decide to go back or I try to hide.
  5. I stand and fight. I win.
  6. I stand and fight. I suffer a slight wound.
  7. None of the options are close.

You continue to walk along the path in the forest until you stumble upon something. You turn around and notice that it's a key.

4. Key

Ι. Describe the key.

ΙΙ. What do you think it unlocks?


1. Forest

The forest represents how you felt about the world, as you were growing up. If you see squirrels playing then you felt that the world was a safe place.

The trees and the light in the forest represent the interaction that you had with adults as you were growing up, and the impact that this interaction had on you.

The taller the trees, the more influence adults had on your life.

The lighting represents the authority adults had over you. The brighter the forest, the more you felt you had the freedom to do as you wanted.

Note: being given a lot of freedom does not imply that you were in any way neglected.

The darker the forest, the more restrictions you felt were placed on you, and the more likely you were to find yourself in stressful situations.

2. Path

Adolescence is represented by the path through the forest.

The path's visibility indicates how prepared you were to handle situations during adolescence. The more visible the path, the more successful you were at anticipating changes, and facing challenges. A less visible path means you were less aware of what to expect and therefore some events may have left you feeling perplexed and bewildered.

Multiple paths are important choices that had to be made. If you saw many paths, you either saw many opportunities for yourself, or you were very confused about what choices to make.

Meeting fellow travelers along the way, or a tidy and well maintained path, are indications of a frequently used path. A path that is not so frequently used, may have weeds and be scattered with litter. The more traveled the path, the less evidence there is of feeling isolated from friends or family.

Obstructions are the way that we perceive problems in adolescence. The more rocks, and logs we see along the path, the more we feel that certain circumstances prevented us from accomplishing our goals.

3. Bear

Ι. The bear is symbolic of problems and how you deal with them. The question gave you the chance to see a potentially dangerous situation. If you saw a tame, harmless bear or a young playful bear, you are stress free and when faced with a challenge you see an opportunity to overcome it.

If you saw a menacing bear then you are more likely to see problems rather than creative challenges or opportunities. People under routine stress will see large, dangerous bears.

ΙΙ. If the bear has not seen you, then you are not under everyday stress and you do not perceive essential problems. When presented with a problem you prefer to focus on the solution.

If the bear has seen you but is ignoring you, or if there are small bears playing, then although you may be worried or anxious about something, you are not under unhealthy levels of stress.

If the bear is charging in your direction, you need a holiday! You are likely to be under high levels of stress.

ΙΙΙ. How you continue your journey represents how you are affected by stress, how you deal with challenges, and also how you make decisions.

If you walk up to the bear, you face your problems head on, and you take a direct and pragmatic approach to decision making

If you avoid the bear you may think your problems are insurmountable, and you prefer a more indirect, non-confrontational approach to decision making.

If you ignore the bear, you pay little attention to setbacks and you are not affected by stress.

If you were considering adoption, then you have a healthy approach towards life and everyday challenges.

4. Key

The key represents work related interests. The key's appearance shows the degree that you would prefer a conventional career over a distinctive one, and the key's function reveals your career goals.

Ι. Appearance

The more ornamental the key, the more you prefer a career that is remarkable, distinctive or unique.

Outdated or antiquated keys show you feel more comfortable in a conventional or long established career.

ΙΙ. Function (career goals)

If the key opens everyday things such as cars and school lockers then your expectations about your career in terms of wealth, and accomplishments are ordinary and typical of most people.

Keys to royal residences, castles, fortresses or mansions reveal a desire for power.

Keys that allow access to valuable things such as a treasure box, indicate a desire to accumulate wealth.

Keys to personal belongings such as diaries or lockets indicate that a fulfilling career is one which addresses other people's needs.

A magical key or a key to a magical world may reveal excessively optimistic expectations from a career.

If the key is of little use or value, you are rather pessimistic about finding a rewarding and fulfilling career.

If the key is able to unlock and open a number of things then you are probably undecided and unsure about which career path to follow. Similarly, if you are unsure as to what the key may open, you have not yet defined your career goals.

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Comments (14)

the mansays...

It was nighttime, and there was a full moon. The path, even in the dark, was fairly visible. Narrow and pretty straight, but the path itself wasn't too much of a path. My bear either chose to ignore me or didn't see me. Even if I wanted to fight it, I felt as if a barrier stopped me from entering the clearing that it was in. I felt like it would be very, very difficult to get around as well. My key was golden but covered in dirt, and it was a very simple key as well. It looked to open a trapdoor to my left. That's kinda crazy!


so accurate i started crying


wow. this was so accurate i actually cried


That is scarily accurate. I am now scared.


...Huh. Interesting. Guess I'll post my wack answers.

I did picture one squirrel scurrying around, the trees were pretty average oak tree height, the sun was on the horizon rising brightly,

There was only one path and it was covered in autumn leaves but it was just visible enough for me to continue walking along it (ouch the accuracy for that one-), it used to be traveled frequently but now only I remain, and there were no obstacles.

BEAR TIME! Cute, large, dopey bean doing cute, large, dopey bean things. I w a n t i t .

anyway, the key-

A small, silver key with a mildly interesting, intricate design, almost like a strange symbol. It looked like something out of some old indie horror game or Resident Evil so I imagined it unlocking a mansion. A comforting one. Sinisterly comforting.

Honestly, I put way too much detail into the answers I wrote- (shoved em in a google doc)

Been feeling creative lately.

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