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Who did it?

Justice quiz

Be judge and jury in this short story about love and murder.

A married couple live in a house on one side of a river. The wife has a lover who lives on the other side. The only way to get across the river is to walk across the bridge or to pay the boatman.

Justice quiz

The husband has to go on an overnight business trip to a faraway town. The wife pleads with him to take her with him. She knows if that he doesn't she will be unfaithful to him. The husband absolutely refuses to take her because she will only be in the way of his important business. So the husband goes alone.

That night, the wife goes over the bridge and stays with her lover. Dawn is almost up when the wife leaves because she must be back home before her husband returns. She starts walking across the bridge but sees an assassin waiting for her on the other side. She knows if she tries to cross, he will murder her. In terror, she runs up the side of the river and asks the boatman to take her across the river, but he wants too much money. She doesn't have enough, so he refuses to take her.

The wife runs back to the lover's house and explains her predicament and asks him to pay the boatman. The lover refuses, telling her it's her own fault for getting into this situation. As dawn comes up the wife decides to dash across the bridge. She comes face to face with the assassin and he kills her.

The five characters in the story are listed below in alphabetical order. List the names in the order in which you think they were most responsible for the wife's death.

  • Assassin
  • Boatman
  • Husband
  • Lover
  • Wife


Each of the characters is a symbol and represents a different quality.

  • Lover = Sex
  • Wife = Fun (could also mean contentment)
  • Assassin = Money
  • Boatman = Magic (could also mean luck)
  • Husband = Love

Your list reveals the order in which these five qualities interest you, and how important they are in your life. If you thought that the wife was most responsible, then fun is the most important thing in your life. Since you are assigning reponsibility, you are essentially abandoning the quality associated with each character. Therefore, if you have assigned the wife to the number one spot, you have betrayed fun more than any of the other qualities.

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion.

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Comments (8)


so magic is the most important thing in my life? how very odd.

[the boatman wouldn't help her-could have saved her life but he just sat back and let it happen. assassin did it for money.he did it out of cruelty]


These quizzes have been making no sense! None of my answers relate to my personality in any quiz I've taken!


I chose The Woman / The Lover / The Assassin / Boatman and the Husband at the end.

What makes me love having fun, I love sex, I love money, I love magic, and if I understand correctly, love doesn't really interest me? What's love last? Yeah, I'd say average 50% of the test is right in a small part, but not all of it.







I think this test was totally inaccurate. According to this test, in order or importance in my life my ranking is : #1 Money, #2 Fun, #3 Sex, #4 Magic (Luck), #5 Love. However, this is the order I think I rank everything as: #1 Love, #2 Money, #3 Fun, # 4 Sex, #5 Magic (Luck).


oookkaaaay according to this test i'm driven by money and sex, rely on luck and don't care about love and fun ... total opposite of me ..

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