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Sketch quiz


Discover aspects of your personality by how you complete a drawing, offering insights into your traits, preferences, and approach to life.

Discover your approach to life, understand your perceptions, and uncover your values through your sketch.

Sketch the shape below as you see it onto a piece of paper.

sketch. incomplete circle

Next, complete the drawing.

In the analysis that follows, match your sketch with the shape it most closely resembles.


Which of the following shapes does your sketch most closely resemble?

A. Completing the circle

Completing the circle

You value harmony, balance, and completeness. The complete circle represents your desire for wholeness, unity, or self-discovery, and signals the completion of a personal journey or goal. You seek to maintain stability in life and embrace the traditional and consistent approach.

B. Filling the gap with a jagged line

Filling the gap with a jagged line

You display a bold, daring, and risk-taking personality. This sketch symbolizes a disruptive force or conflict, indicating your desire to break free from limitations and embrace change, growth, or personal transformation. You challenge the status quo and bring innovation and unpredictability to your life.

C. Drawing a slightly concave curved line outwards

Drawing a slightly concave curved line outwards

You demonstrate an open-minded, adaptable, and flexible personality. This sketch signifies your willingness to expand your horizons, embrace new opportunities, or venture into the unknown. You courageously step outside of your comfort zone and explore new possibilities in life.

D. Connecting the points with a straight line

Connecting the points with a straight line

You showcase a personality that values simplicity, practicality, and efficiency. This sketch represents your direct approach to problem-solving, clear communication, or desire for order in your life. You focus on determination and a practical mindset, overcoming obstacles with logic and decisiveness.

E. Drawing a spiral within the gap

Drawing a spiral within the gap

You express a creative, imaginative, and introspective personality. This sketch symbolizes your journey inward, personal growth, or the unfolding of spiritual or emotional aspects of your life. You engage in self-reflection, healing, and the search for deeper meaning and understanding, finding beauty in unexpected places.

F. Filling the gap with a wavy line

Filling the gap with a wavy line

You reveal a playful, carefree, and adaptable personality. This sketch symbolizes your desire for flexibility, emotional expression, or the ability to "go with the flow" in the face of challenges and changes. You approach life with a light-hearted attitude, enjoying variety and spontaneity along the way.

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion.

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Comments (23)


uh.... i drew a person's face and used the circle as a base shape...

i'm just built different


I drew pacman about to eat a ghost lol what does that mean?


Wow! the second one was exactly like the one I drew.


I drew a balloon...

What does that mean?


I completed the circle and it says that I'm a person that likes organization.

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social connection


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