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Drawing approach analysis.

Look at the picture below, and draw it on a piece of paper. Afterwards, scroll down to view the analysis.



How did you draw your picture?

From the center outward

You are of the conventional type of people who, in learning about and dealing with the world, would start with things small and specific, and then expand to the large and general. The desire is directed toward what is lying beyond one's immediate horizon.

From the edge inward

You belong to the type of people who put much emphasis on concentration and control. You tend to be oblivious of the goings-on around you and want to focus on what truly interests you. Skeptical of the fantastic and implausible, you would rather deal with matters that are more concrete in nature. Being a pragmatist who doesn't want to be misled by unrealistic hopes, you want to be reliable and productive in a dependable way.

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