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We sometimes get in situations when we take decisions without a second thought. This is especially true in crises situations when everything is happening at the same time and we have to make flash decisions.

The decisions we make often times reflect our priorities, and this is the right time to find out what they are!

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DJ DJedsays...

Wow sounds right!

Phone, Baby, door,  Clothes, Tap


I have a different view.

1. Water is being wasted and it takes 2 seconds to turn it off.

2. Rain won't wait and clothes will keep getting wetter

3. Babies cry often and attending to them a little later after ensuring that there is no emergency won't hurt

4. Telephones have caller IDs and can be called back later.

5. Someone at the door will give a repeat ring....but can't delay too long or they may leave

Jadon Grahamsays...

I would take care of the baby first because I want to make sure that it's OK when I hold the baby and calm it down I can answer the door when I see its relatives I can asked if u could watch him or her for a second and take the phone call then after the call I could turn off the tap then take down the cloths


Same as "Smug," but it's Clothes THEN Water for me.


I picked tap because if it over flows my apartment would flood, then baby because that is my priority, then the door is obviously a friend or family, next have my friend who is at the door take down the laundry because is raining and I have the have the baby alone, I didn't even pick up the phone. then I scrolled down and was like whoa.

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