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Clasp your hands

clasp hands quiz

Which thumb is on top?

Bring your hands out like this

Now clasp your hands together in front of you, interlocking your fingers.

Which thumb is on top?


Clasping your hands with the opposite thumb on top will feel strange and unnatural. You are therefore likely to get the same result every time you try this little experiment.

Left thumb on top

Right thumb on top

If your left thumb is on top then the driving force in your life is the desire for affection and you are a great lover. Your dominant brain side is the right and you have an intuitive approach.

If your right thumb is on top then the driving force in your life is your intellect and you will most likely be financially secure in your life time. Your dominant brain side is the left and you have an analytical approach.

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion.

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Comments (15)


Do I fit under both because both my thumbs go on top of each other....

K Dinesh Kumarasays...

Is there any scientific proof of this? I mean any kind of research reference.


It worked really well, but i think it depends whether you're a girl or boy, girls are more right brain dominant than boys and vice versa. I am left over right :)

Venus Lilsays...

Either one can fit me very well. I got right over left. but both would describe me very well without leaving something, I can be both.<


My left thumb landed on top and the description really represented me full and all the way through

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