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Potbellied pig

potbellied pig quiz

A simple drawing may serve as a useful assessment of personality traits.

All you need is a blank piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

Now, draw a potbellied pig. (Or any pig).


If the pig is drawn:

  • Toward the top of the paper, you are positive and optimistic.
  • Toward the middle, you are a realist.
  • Toward the bottom, you are pessimistic and have a tendency to behave negatively.

If the pig is drawn:

  • Facing left, you believe in tradition, are friendly, and remember dates (birthdays, etc.)
  • Facing right, you are innovative and active, but don't have a strong sense of family, nor do you remember dates.
  • Facing front (looking at you), you are direct, enjoy playing devil's advocate and neither fear nor avoid discussions.

If the pig is drawn:

  • With many details, you are analytical, cautious, and distrustful.
  • With few details, you are emotional and naive, and you like to take risks.

If the pig is drawn:

  • With less than 4 legs showing, you are insecure or are living through a period of major change.
  • With 4 legs showing, you are secure, stubborn, and stick to your ideals.

The size of the ears indicates how good a listener you are, the bigger the better.

The length of the tail indicates the quality of your sex life, and again, the bigger the better!

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion below.


28-02-2017, 23:44

+13 -2  

realist. you are innovative and active, but don't have a strong sense of family, nor do you remember dates. you are analytical, cautious, and distrustful. you are secure, stubborn, and stick to your ideals. good listener. good sex life.


28-02-2017, 16:14

+8 -1  

which left? the pig's left or my left?


28-02-2017, 14:44

+3 -2  

Top, left, few details, 4 legs, proportionate ears, long-ish tail.


28-02-2017, 14:19

+10 -2  

Bottom, front, lots of details, less than 4 legs, huge ears and a weird tail. I guess it's about average or a bit long-ish.
So, I'm a pessimistic devil's advocate and I'm insecure and distrustful yet good listener with average (and possibly weird) sex life. Okie-dokie.

ana iris

28-02-2017, 13:45

+1 -1  

jaja, omg i laughed when i saw that it said ok who didnt draw a tail, haha mine was normal size haha


28-02-2017, 13:14

+2 -2  

Few details
4 legs
Curly long tail


28-02-2017, 13:14

+3 -2  

...my tail was huge.
and my ears were different sized?


28-02-2017, 13:09

+2 -2  

i drew it on a sticky note so it fills the whole thing up!
i guess im a mix of all of it- pessimist realist and optimist xD


28-02-2017, 13:04

+3 -2  

Middle, facing right, few details, four legs showing, big ears, Medium sized tail


28-02-2017, 12:54

+2 -2  

Top of the paper, true
facing forward, true
4 legs, true
long curly tail, eh, not so true lol


28-02-2017, 12:52

+2 -2  

In the middle
To the right
Medium ears
4 feet
few details
I didn't even draw a pig tail, i totally forgot it was curly! I drew a cow's tail, so it's pretty long!


28-02-2017, 12:12

+2 -1  

Middle, facing left, little details, 4 legs, huge ears and a medium tail.


27-02-2017, 11:21

+2 -1  

drew the pig in the middle of the paper
pig facing left
very detailed
4 legs
medium length curly tail
medium size ears
well...everything fits my personality!


27-02-2017, 11:08

+2 -2  

realist, diagonally left/front... so half innovative/active half devils advocate, few details, 4 legs, small ears, long enough

Neon Pegasus

27-02-2017, 10:18

+2 -2  

large ears
4 legs
long tail


27-02-2017, 10:02

+2 -2  

i didnt draw a tail


26-02-2017, 23:19

+1 -1  

Facing to the left, small ears, towards the middle, four legs showing and a short uncurled tail.


26-02-2017, 21:29

+3 -2  

Brittany, i had different sized ears too...wonder what that means, selective hearing? lol...i feel bad for all those no or short tailers out there. he he


26-02-2017, 21:23

+3 -2  

Facing front
details- he even says 'oink!'
4 legs
kinda small ears
3 curls
this was perfect

Allison Butler

26-02-2017, 21:13

+2 -1  

Few details
4 legs
1/2 ear (couldn't figure out how to draw pig ears!!LOL)
Quite long tail


26-02-2017, 21:09

+2 -2  

few details
less than 4
middle sized
the tail, um, long with two twists on it. Tails are fun 2 draw!


26-02-2017, 20:43

+2 -2  

I like this quiz, but i'm not sure if its compleatly accurate, at least with the sex life thing lol, my tails long- ish, but my sex life, doesn't exist! ha ha he


26-02-2017, 20:29

+2 -2  

Bottom of page.. true
Facing left
no details, drawn quickly
two legs
big ears
long curly tail

The one you want

26-02-2017, 19:23

+2 -2  

Towards the middle. Facing left, small ears, all 4 legs, little details, and long tail (I dont really have a sex life but okay)


24-02-2017, 09:50

+2 -2  

facing right
lots of detail
four legs
medium sized ears (only one the piggys not 3d)
long tail

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