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The restroom quiz

the restroom quiz

Which stall would you choose?

You go into a restroom and there are nine urinals/cubicles, all available. Which one would you choose, from left to right?



The behavior of men in choosing urinals is different from that of women choosing restroom stalls, according to some reports. Whereas more women prefer stalls in the middle section, men prefer urinals to either end of the line, obviously hoping to draw as little attention as possible. Those men who actually choose urinals in the middle (4, 5, or 6) seem to be less self-conscious and less likely to succumb to external influence or pressure.


Women who choose stalls 1-3 are more flexible and can adjust to a new situation quickly. These women tend to be direct and straightforward, and they would not hesitate as much as others when confronted with decision-making.

Women who choose stalls 4-6 are cautious, moderate, balanced. They refrain from going to extremes and generally want to feel safe.

Women who choose stalls 7-9 have a stronger sense of ones' own space; they would not mind going a little deeper into the corners, where it's less likely that they'll be disturbed, even though other women would consider such positions more "dangerous" ones.

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Comments (19)


I chose the 9th stall because i have always been scared of people looking under cubicle walls at me! In the 9th cubicle they can only look on one side lol. which means i feel more relaxed lol


i pick the one closest to the doors because they tend to be cleaner, not because im stubborn or shy or want to take risks or whatever.....


lulz I just take the toilet closest to the door so that I can make a run for it because normally bathrooms smell. I carry hand sanitizer so I don't have to stay too long... I hate public bathrooms.


i don't really care which toilet i pick i just really have to go!!! :P lol


"The only reason why I picked 9 was because it's more likely hardly no one used that toilet so it would be more likely to be clean"

LOL actually, a lot of people think that, so many use the last one, making it the dirtier toilet

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