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Sitting posture analysis

Sitting posture quiz

It is said that a woman's sitting posture reveals a great deal about her personality.

What is your sitting posture like? Choose from any of the examples below.

1. Legs tightly closed together, vertical to the ground.

2. Legs crossed.

3. Feet open, with toes pointing to the sides.

4. Legs closed together, slightly tilted to one side.


1. Legs tightly closed, vertical to the ground.

You tend to be quiet, and do not easily open up to others, particularly strangers or people of authority. You are most comfortable talking to patient and understanding people.

2. Legs crossed.

You are outgoing and self-confident, usually talkative and at ease in others' company. Some people find you highly likable while others find you a bit annoying, depending on the case. Your strong points are your honesty, directness and loyalty, while your weaknesses tend to be a volatile temper and lack of tact. You know what you like, and have little patience for that which offends you.

3. Feet open, with toes pointing to the sides.

You are strong-headed, tough and you like to observe others. You quickly make up your mind and you stick to your decisions. Pleasing others and having a good time is not your goal; you want things to get done. Depending on the circumstances, you could be very talkative, even argumentative, but could also fall silent if you choose to do so. You prefer to communicate in a logical and factual manner, and you are not easily tricked by fanciful behavior.

4. Legs closed, slightly tilted to one side.

You have a strong sense of grace and style and you can make friends and conquer enemies with your charm. You prefer a non confrontational approach when it comes to resolving disputes. You are pleasant to be around and you keep your poise even when you feel that someone has offended you. You will react later on and off the scene. You are, however, somewhat vulnerable to flattery, which may be the cause of hasty decision making.

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion.

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Comments (20)


Mine isn't up there. I keep my legs open but my feet together with my left foot on it's side.


legs crossed... wow im outgoing and confident yayyy!!!!!!!


2. Legs crossed !!!!


Well it didn't add up cause I picked one and it didn't sound like me LOL and I don't cross my legs and when my husband read it he said that was me to a T.. LOL

oh yeah i picked the last one by the way


I can sometimes sit with my ankels crossed, and other times the thighs togther, calfs and feet more seperate with the end of my foot, near the toes, to be the only section touching the ground (often when in this position, my legs will start bouncing).

Neither if these two seem to be an option, and I don't associate myself with the four you have provided.

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