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Stretch your arms

Stretch your arms quiz

A visualization quiz

Stretch your arms straight out in front of you, and make sure that they are both at the same height.

Read the instructions and afterwards perform the visualizations with your eyes closed.

Imagine you have strings on your right hand, and helium balloons are gently pulling your right hand up into the air.

At the same time imagine a vase on your left hand. It is weighing down on your left hand and pushing it towards the floor.

Try to visualize these two opposing forces, pushing and pulling your hands. Remember that throughout the exercise, your eyes should remain closed.

What do you notice when you open your eyes?


Hands far apart.

You are imaginative and your ability to perceive with your senses is highly developed. Others view you as being resourceful and creative. Time ceases to exist when you are in a creative state and you secretly yearn for a realm of fantasy and adventure.

Hands on the same level

You prefer to listen to reason rather than intuition and you are practical and pragmatic in your decisions. You dislike being fanciful and are almost never outspoken. Others view you as being intelligent and rational and you are detailed in your work. You enjoy activities and exercises that hone your skills and abilities.

How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion.

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Comments (16)


so how far away is far away? I don't like this one at all, there is too much room for error.


my hands were apart but the funny thing is my left hand was higher than my right....


My hands were both on the same level and far apart. idk!


Mine were kind of apart. I wold say it was correct because

I am mainly the first one (although i do not SECRETLY yearn for a realm of fantasy and adventure, I do it quite openly!) and i do like knowing reason, but i don't always believe in it.


My hands were wa-a-a-a-ay apart. Sounds just like me.

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