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Dualities 1

perspectives quiz

Discover aspects of your personality.

Take a look at two groups of animals and reflect on what thoughts and feelings each group produces.

Which of these two groups to you prefer?

dualities 1


If you chose Group A, you seek harmony at all times, especially amongst family and friends. If you chose Group B, you believe that sometimes, in order to solve a problem, the end justifies the means.

The animals above possess many characteristics, some of these are:

Group A

  • lion cubs: represent gentleness
  • deer: represents grace
  • frog: represents sensitivity

Group B

  • crocodile: represents viciousness
  • tiger: represents fierceness
  • leopard: represents ferocity

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How accurate were your results? Join in the discussion below.


28-02-2017, 13:45

+3 -2  

I liked the animals in group A better but the describtion was SO off!


28-02-2017, 12:12

+2 -2  

I just chose the one with more cats, tbh...


27-02-2017, 11:21

+2 -2  

yeah group B for me i agree that sometimes being sweet just won't get things done


26-02-2017, 23:19

+2 -2  

Same here! I mean gosh, group B sounds so harsh. Should definitely have more than just a few words to describe the groups. They are completely black and white...


26-02-2017, 21:13

+1 -1  

it was very right and its cool


24-02-2017, 08:31

+2 -1  

yet another test that says I'm an unfeeling, cold, something-that-rhymes-with-witch. I chose Test B and unfortunately it's pretty accurate. This is beginning to feel depressing.


24-02-2017, 07:25

+1 -1  

Everyone you said is exactly what I thought when I read this.... Including the fierce v. ferocity thing. Wow


24-02-2017, 02:19

+1 -1  

I really liked the animals in group B because I like big cats but the personality was way off...


24-02-2017, 11:45

+1 -1  

It was cool! I got Group A. :)

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