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perspectives quiz

Discover aspects of your personality.

Take a look at two groups of animals and reflect on what thoughts and feelings each group produces.

Which of these two groups to you prefer?

dualities 1


If you chose Group A, you seek harmony at all times, especially amongst family and friends. If you chose Group B, you believe that sometimes, in order to solve a problem, the end justifies the means.

The animals above possess many characteristics, some of these are:

Group A

  • lion cubs: represent gentleness
  • deer: represents grace
  • frog: represents sensitivity

Group B

  • crocodile: represents viciousness
  • tiger: represents fierceness
  • leopard: represents ferocity

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Comments (2)

April Bennettsays...

Funny. Too bad the ""leopard"" is really a cheetah.


it was very right and its cool

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