Breathing techniques help to improve students' mental health.

Elements of well-being improve through stress and anxiety exercises.

Breathing techniques help to improve students' mental health.
Breathing exercises.

By Brita Belli, Yale News

Main Titles

  • Resiliency training programs help address mental health issues on university campuses.
  • The most beneficial exercises include breath meditation, yoga postures, social connection, and service activities. These exercises lead to improvements in depression, stress, mental health, and social connectedness.

Breathing exercises

  • Resiliency training will help reduce the demand for on-campus mental health services.

“Students learn tools they can use for the rest of their lives to continue to improve and maintain their mental health.” Christina Bradley.


  • Davornne Lindo, member of the Yale track team, claims that the breathing techniques component of the resiliency exercises helps her both in academic work and sports activities.

“Now that I have these techniques to help me, I would say that my mentality is a lot healthier. I can devote time to studying and not melting down. Races have gone better. Times are dropping.”