Measure your charisma

Six question quiz reports whether you are charismatic.

Measure your charisma
Measure your charisma

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  • In a study by the University of Toronto researchers charisma has been defined as a quality requiring influence, and affability.
  • Influence is asscociated with leadership qualities, whereas affability is associated with being approachable.
  • The charisma self test:

I am someone who

  • has a presence in a room
  • has the ability to influence people
  • knows how to lead a group
  • makes people feel comfortable
  • smiles at people often
  • can get along with anyone
  • To score the above quiz, rate each trait from 1-6, then divide by 6. The average score is 3.7
  • Ways to increase charisma - practice reading other peoples' emotions and use language other people can relate to.

Study: University of Toronto