Susceptibility to persuasion

The degree to which people are susceptible to persuasion has been categorized by researchers.

Susceptibility to persuasion
Susceptibility to persuasion

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The three main personality profiles identified for the study are Fearful, Malevolent, and Socially Apt.

  • The Fearful group shared traits such as shyness and social inhibition and were more likely to follow the crowd.
  • The Malevolent group exhibited traits like extraversion and self-orientation, and were less likely to be influenced by authority.
  • The Socially Apt group exhibited traits such as extraversion and agreeableness, and were more likely to do something if it helped maintain their commitment to to something they had done before.


“I’m very passionate about the need to encourage a proactive approach to children’s mental health and wellbeing. From this research I’d like to develop a programme of research which utilises personalised persuasive approaches encouraging young children to be proactive towards their own wellbeing. Adopting a personalised approach that ‘nudges’ people towards taking positive action, I believe, is very important.” - Dr Helen Wall, Senior Lecturer in Psychology.

Study: Edge Hill University